Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Troubled Waters For HRC...

In the first three months of the year, suburban women by a margin of 18 points had a positive view of Mrs. Clinton. In July, those numbers took a dramatic turn for the worse. By a five-point margin, suburban women had a negative view of Mrs. Clinton.

Among white women with at least a college degree, 51% had a positive view of Mrs. Clinton and 38% a negative as of June. In July, those numbers had turned to 43% positive and 47% negative.

From WSJ/NBC polling data.


  1. Could they be attracted to Donald?

    1. Women with at least a college degree... I doubt it.

  2. Not many libs or progressives flocking here to defend and make the case for HCR and why her presidential bid would be god for the country. Listing the positive and all her "major" achievements. Wonder why that is?>

    Could it be the dems actually realize she remains the candidate she always has been a very weak and divisive candidate? Or is it maybe because she is considered to be untrustworthy and conniving?

    We see lots and lots of con bashing on lib and progressive sites (something I dislike because I believe cons and libs ought to be criticizing their own in hopes of making their party stronger) I guess because they have adopted the republican practices that have worked so well in the past. And, the country is the worse off for it.

    But it is what it is. That folks is what pure partisanship does to people and a nation.

  3. Hillary Hater: Could it be the dems actually realize... she always has been a very weak and divisive candidate? Or is it maybe because she is considered to be untrustworthy and conniving?

    No. Has not Les himself said something positive in regards to her husband's presidency? I seem to remember he did. Why so much hate for Hillary? She could be a better prez than Bill, IMO.

  4. For you Dervish hate is a word that rolls off your {tongue} and keyboard at will. It is something we are very, very used to coming from you. Because we are so used to it , and it never is contextually correct or otherwise, it rolls right off our backs like water off a duck. So Dervish, your asinine hate comment will get no further response, because it deserves none.. Other than to say you are one very strange and or mixed up dude.

  5. I'm just looking for the "Hillary Hater" commenter referenced above. I can't find him/her Maybe it is from the Dervish imagination that gives us Barlowe and Lying Lester, or Les deleted it.

  6. Re dmarks "imagination" remark... According to Albert Einstein, "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination".


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