Friday, July 31, 2015

Cruz Talks Tough, Criticizes Jeb Bush and Romney For Not Being Hawkish Enough...

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Senator Cruz, a 2016 GOP presidential candidate ramping up the volume and hyperbole. Another of the saber rattling pro war republicans. Sound bites lacking substance sells. Particularly among the attention challenged rightwing nationalist war hawks.

Remember co president Big Dick Cheney and the ensuing Iraq fiasco? You're seeing his reflection.

THE HILL - Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Thursday hit fellow Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush and 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney, doubling down on his criticism of the nuclear deal with Iran.

Cruz maintained Thursday that if world powers lift sanctions on Iran in exchange for the country curbing its nuclear program, members of the Obama administration "will be the leading global financiers" of terrorism.

"When you send billions of dollars to jihadists trying to kill Americans, you bear responsibility for the murder they carry out with the money you have given them," Cruz said on the "Chad Hasty Show."

"You know, one of the reasons Republicans keep getting clobbered is we have leaders like Mitt Romney and like Jeb Bush, who are afraid to say that," Cruz said.

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  1. That Romney guy folded up his tent a long time ago. As far as I know, his La Jolla house, no longer intended to be the new Western White House is up for sale. What does Ted mean that Romney is a republican leader? Isn't he retired for going on ten years? Ted just wishes he was invited to Utah as a serious candidate. How is Jeb Bush a republican leader? In his own mind?

    Romney is in that exclusive 3% of republican candidates that are washed up, dead and gone, with no hope of revival. Like a Jumpin' Jack Flash that drowned fifty years ago.

    Rubio is probably the only one that could beat Hillary. Too bad he can't seem to get any traction.

    If only the republicans had had the sense to run Palin in 2012!

  2. Cruz is a demagogue just like Trump, but far more dangerous.


  3. Teddy is trolling for attention since The Trumpster's entry into the presidential sweepstakes. Graham killed his cell phone, and Paul took a chainsaw to the tax code, while Hillery and Bernie are battling it out on the hustings. I can't tell if I'm watching a comedy or a tragedy.

  4. My money is on Biden jumping into the fray thus putting Hillary's chances in grave danger. A development this site would welcome.

    Of course it won't happen but it would be great to see a Kasisch-vs-Biden race. We would see some sanity and maybe, just maybe, some real positive things develop.

    Now, back to the GOP clown car and media circus.

    1. While that would make an interesting race, whoever won would still have to deal with the clown car called Congress.

    2. True Jerry. I keep thinking that soon the America electorate will awaken from its slumber and saner heads will prevail. But perhaps it is just wishful thinking.

      We have so many issues of serious fiscal and social importance to the nation and yet we are seriously entertaining ot giving the platform to clowns with dangerous agendas or no real agenda at all.

  5. Interesting fact about Kasich is that he worked as an investment banker - as managing director of Lehman Brothers' Columbus Ohio office until the firm declared bankruptcy in 2008. He also signed a bill that mandated that any woman seeking an abortion must have an ultrasound (as well as other sweeping restrictions on reproductive rights). Kasich also pledges boots on the ground to fight ISIS. Kasich is presenting himself as a Moderate (which the base doesn't want) even though he isn't really that moderate. He will be one of the first to drop out.

    As for Cruz, I'll eat my hat if he's the nominee.

    1. Hopefully Kasisch will get on stage and have an opportunity to lay out his agenda. He may be more moderate than his Ohio constituency. We'll just have to wait and see.

      I am very interested in hearing his economic plan in more detail and hearing his plan for national defense and the military.

      Cruz will not get the GOP nomination. Walker or Rubio are also unnerving.


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