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Democratic Party Seen In Most Negative Light In 30 Years...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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New poll just out shows democrats at a 30 year low in favorability ratings. 51 percent of Americans now view democrats (the blue team) unfavorably while 39% view them favorably.

Americans still view democrats more favorably than republicans (the red team)who have a 56% unfavorable rating and a 33% favorable rating.

It comes as no surprise that both blue team and red team are viewed unfavorably. American politics has become so polarized, so fringe driven it is no wonder the American people see politicians of both parties in such poor light. Americans view their government in even lower esteem. It is certainly not complicated to understand why.

The Washington Post - The Democratic Party is held in worse regard than at any point in the past 30 years, according to a new poll.

The poll, from the Washington Post and ABC News, shows 39 percent of Americans now have a favorable impression of the blue team, while 51 percent have an unfavorable impression. Both are new records.

Through it all, of course, Democrats continue to have a better image than their GOP counterparts, whose favorable/unfavorable split with the American people is currently 33/56.

But the Democrats' drop is particularly notable given they have never polled below a 46 percent favorable rating. (The data go back to 1984, including Gallup polls in the 1990s and CBS/New York Times polls in the 1980s.) That previous low for Democrats was registered during the 2013 government shutdown, when both parties and Congress hit what at the time was a new low.

The last time the Washington Post and ABC polled the Democratic Party, in August, 49 percent had a positive image of the party. Since then, its image his declined by 17 points among African Americans (from 82 percent favorable to 65 percent) and by 13 points among women (from 54 percent to 41 percent). As it happens, these are two of the most valuable Democratic-leaning constituencies that the party hopes will vote in high numbers in the Nov. 4 midterms.

As mentioned above, Democrats remain nominally more popular than the GOP. But the six-point gap in their favorable ratings has rarely been that small in recent years.

With the mid term elections looming large the blue team must e quite nervous. Is it possible cone January 2015 the republicans could have both houses of Congress? Brace yourselves for the next two years, it should be very interesting and likely maddening for most Americans.

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Washington Post - Heading into the final weeks of the midterm campaign, the political landscape continues to tilt in favor of the Republican Party, with President Obama’s overall approval rating at the lowest level of his presidency and GOP voters signaling greater likelihood than Democrats that they will cast ballots, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll .

Americans look to November and beyond with dissatisfaction about the state of the country and the political leadership in Washington. Two in three say the country is seriously off-track, and more than 6 in 10 say that neither the president nor the Republican contingent in Congress has a clear plan for governing (emphasis mine).

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  1. I don't know about the veracity of this poll, but I'd say any negativity is due to Obama not being able to clean up the mess of the last administration due to Republican obstruction. "Radio canardo" (as another commenter on this blog referred to him) Thom Hartmann predicts another crash in the near future (which he writes about in his book "The Crash of 2016"). Obviously the party in power is always blamed (even if they should not be). So, maybe if a Republican is president that will cause the electorate to look to the Left for answers (as they did after the Republicans caused the Great Depression).

  2. Having back to back Presidents like Bush and Obama, back to back Speakers of the House like Pelosi and Boehner, and back to back Senatorial leaders like McConnell and Reid are full-bore bound to bring your ratings down eventually.

  3. Democrats remain nominally more popular than the GOP.

    There are also other factors at play not covered in the aforementioned article: Historically, low approval ratings dog virtually every lame duck office holder; midterm elections always favor the party out of power; a tendency to place unrealistic expectations upon the office of president as if one man in one office can solve virtually every problem that besets the country (and the tendency of the loyal opposition party to cast false blame on the incumbent and capitalize on public disapproval).

    Of course, juxtaposing names like Bush versus Obama, Pelosi versus Boehner and McConnell versus Reid basically says nothing without detail, explanation or reason. It’s the kind of statement that reminds me of The Cringe Fringe sockpuppet chorus – the mere mention of a name elicits either cheers or boos depending upon the partisan bias of the commenter. Such statements are invariably devoid of content or meaning.

    1. A clear analysis that rises above partisanship, (O)ct.

    2. It was a comment, not a dissertation, Mr. Ivy League; a frequent perpetrator of pseudo professorial double-talk who insults people (sophomoric rhyming seems to be modus operandi), mischaracterizes their positions, impugns their motivation and veracity, and then cries fowl when the target responds in kind. You are boring, pedantic, an astute observer of the obvious, inept at interpreting research, and pretentious/condesending - and those are your solid points.......There, can you just not talk to me ever again, oh cringeworthy one?

    3. And anybody who knows me knows exactly why I don't like Bush, exactly why I don't like Obama, exactly why I don't like Pelosi, and exactly why I don't like McConnell. And if you had actually wanted to know yourself you simply could have queried me instead of going into this unprovoked condescending screed mode of yours. Oh well, at least you didn't browbeat me over some stupid-assed grammatical error and for that I am quite thankful.

    4. Will: “… you simply could have queried me instead of going into this unprovoked condescending screed mode of yours.

      Or you could have written a more erudite comment that would obviate any need for further clarification. Clarification, I suspect, is not the subject or object of your diatribe.

      You bring an undertone of anger to all your Internet conversations. You lash out in personal terms whenever any comment or opinion does not precisely mirror your own viewpoint.

      Recently, you censored two comments I posted to your blog under this title: On the Latest Lisa, Shaw Donnybrook. Apparently, you were uninterested in learning about Cyber-bullying and the fact that rape threats sent to a personal email account (along with unsolicited pornography) are criminal offenses; although you accepted this comment from RN:

      Rational Nation USA: “I won't attempt [to] discuss this further or attempt to point why it is important, (O)CT(O)PUS did an excellent job of that. Nothing else need be added. Principle, integrity, and honor. Some have it, some don't.

      Despite a bitter enmity with Dervish Sanders, Rational Nation, to his credit, still posts unfriendly taunts, as exemplified above. In contrast, you hold grudges. I recall this comment made by you some months ago under this post, ANTHROPOGENIC Climate Change Update:

      Will: “I have studied this issue in a way that you never have or ever could and (…) I could give you more to think about but I wouldn't want to overwhelm you” (Thu Aug 21, 10:59:00 PM EDT).

      The arrogance, grandiosity and offensiveness of the above comment is astonishing. Comments like this one are unworthy of any blogger who thinks of himself as an Alpha Chimpanzee among humans. You are no subject matter expert, merely a garden variety hack with an anger management problem.

  4. I read articles like this and marvel at the fact that while the democrats have always been the party viewed more favorably by Americans as a whole, it is also the party that has been the majority party in Washington the least.

    The Democrats control less governorships and yet they are viewed more favorably than the Republicans.

    Then of course the mid terms, where we are looking at replacing a party with one we view even less favorably.

    Not real sure where it all leads, but we will eventually reach the point where no one views either party favorably and then what?

    1. Then what? Tao, then the two parties will get their act together. Or their lunch will be eaten by other parties that do, or by effective non-partisan candidates.

  5. Octo: Despite a bitter enmity with Dervish Sanders, Rational Nation, to his credit, still posts unfriendly taunts, as exemplified above.

    I'm not bitter. And RN said he was "trying to help me" in another comment elsewhere on this site. Would RN attempt to help someone he felt a "bitter enmity" toward? I thought we were friends again.

    Also, "unfriendly taunts, as exemplified above"??? I seriously have no idea what you are talking about Octo. On the other hand, your observations re Will are spot on.

    1. Dervish,
      Rather than split hairs over your comment or mine, I am very gratified that you and RN have decided to bury the hatchet. I makes both of you good guys in my book.


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