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Representative Gohmert Debating Fate of Non Christians in Hearing...

by: Les Carpenter
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Apparently today was meant for religious discussion. Brought to us by Looney in Washington DC and Loonier in Oklahoma.

TPM - Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) on Tuesday repeatedly confronted a faith leader -- who also happens to be a noted church-state separatist -- about his Christian beliefs during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on religious freedom.

“Do you believe in sharing the good news that will keep people from going to hell, consistent with the Christian beliefs?” Gohmert asked Rev. Barry Lynn, executive director for Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

Lynn responded that he wouldn't agree with Gohmert's "construction of what hell is like or why one gets there." When Gohmert pressed him to say whether he believed people "would go to hell if they do not believe Jesus is the way," Lynn again answered that he thinks failing to ascribe to a certain set of Christian beliefs doesn't necessarily doom a person to hell.

"No, not a set of ideas," Gohmert insisted. "Either you believe as a Christian that Jesus is the way, the truth, or life, or you don’t."

“Congressman, what I believe is not necessarily what I think ought to justify the creation of public policy for everybody,” Lynn countered. “For the 2,000 different religions that exist in this country, the 25 million non-believers. I’ve never been offended. I’ve never been ashamed to share my belief."

Lynn then recounted how he spoke recently at an American Athiests conference, where he said he made it clear that he was a Christian minister even though he was in attendance to talk about the Constitution. Gohmert apparently took that response as support for Christianity a la carte.

“So, the Christian belief as you see it is whatever you choose to think about Christ, whether or not you believe those words he said that nobody basically ‘goes to heaven except through me,’” he concluded.

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  1. Why is a US Congressman even having this discussion in the halls of Congress? Why the hell isn't that jackass trying to find out how to best serve the American people? Doesn't this ninnyhammer understand that when he engages in this sort of inquisition in our secular government, he's looking a lot like the Taliban?

    1. Unfortunately the jackass may sincerely believe he is serving the America people.

      Picture Mr. Brat and his statement that we can only prevent the rise of another Hitler is for America to merge Christianity and capitalism.
      The American Taliban is out there and they have pretty good control of the Republican party.

      Maybe RN can tell us if the Republicans can reconstitute themselves and drive out the fruitbars. I'm afraid it is going to take some time. If it can be done.

  2. It totally escapes me as to why a congressman would have this disscusion in Congress. I guess it is what can be expected from LG.

    Frankly Shaw, and this is just my opinion here, this guy isn't smart enough to realize what he looks like. Unfortunately there are many who don't think this is inappropriate.

  3. Ducky, I extracted myself from republican party politics and the party sometime ago. I have been registered as conservative for some time and I've avoided any association with the T-Party.

    So, I do not think myself qualified to say if the party of the Elephant can reconstitute itself. But I can say I'd put my money on NO.

  4. We all know this is part of an insidious plot by the liberal Democrats to seize control of the government and turn the US into a socialist utopia.

  5. Thus spake Lousy Grommet, theologian to the misinformed.

  6. If Mr. Gohmert had taken the time to talk about the persecution of Christians in places such as Afghanistan, Iran, the Palestinian territories, etc., he might have been on to something but to waste the taxpayers' dime on this little dog and pony show was ridiculous.

  7. Gohmert is just plain stupid. I have no idea how he got elected. The man had to take breathing lessons just to live.

  8. Oh come on okjimm, isn't that a bit harsh? I mean just because his elevator stops short of the top floor...

    Brilliance is not a prerequisite for holding public office... Gohmert, Bachmann, Palin (on the state level), and Pelosi are just four who make it very clear the brightest and best are not always elected to office.

    1. Remove Pelosi's name from there and replace it with Minnesota rep Keith Ellison of the Democrats... a staunch antisemite, and like the Gome, a person who violates the ideals of the Constitution by bringing his religious bigotry with him to the job.

  9. Brilliance is not a prerequiste??????? Whoa...maybe not....but I think being a human should be! But listen, here in Wisco we have a lot of wood piles, see, and every once in awhile strange things come crawlinjg out....we now have a idiot running for Congress that once tried to pass a law labeling single parenthood a form of, get this, CHILD ABUSE.

    AH, SHIT AND WHISKERS...Les, they's gonna be a full moon tonight, and it's friday the thirteenth....I think I will have a few beers, get hairy, grow some fangs and go howl at the moon. You never could get me elected to Congress.


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