Thursday, March 27, 2014

Announcing "Lying Lester", the Spoof Blog Set Up By Dervish Sanders, aka Derv the Swerve...

Whirling Dervish, aka Dervish Sanders, proprietor of the notoriously infamous and rip roaring hilarious blog known as Sleeping with The Devil has taken it upon himself to set up a spoof site named Lying Lester. Of course the entire content of this spoof blog, a parody on Rational Nation USA, is the delusions of its creator Dervish Sanders, or Derv for short.

Joe Kelly of Truth 101 summed Mr. Sanders up very accurately and succinctly when he described him as… “a shithead” some time back. Now I don’t know much about Mr. Sanders being “a shithead”, but I do know he enjoys his time spent in mental masturbation. But as has been said, each to his own.

I encourage all who are desirous of a belly splitting laugh to visit Lying Lester (as well as Sleeping with The Devil) and leave comment at Derv's spoof site (as well as his progressive site). Of course I won’t be checking in and leaving comment (other than my initial one right after Derv e-mailed me to let me know he had created the site), but as Mr. Sanders, the ultimate narcissist will appreciate your attention and accolades please take a moment to visit and make his day.


  1. I guess when you live on the dole and suck off the public teat you have time for that nonsense.

  2. We don't know as fact that Derv the Swerve lives on the dole and suckles at the public teat Rusty. But if I were a betting man I certainly would take the safe bet and and place it on he does.

    Derv certainly does like notoriety and attention. That we know for sure. The dudes brain must be in overdrive and ready to enter overload status.

    In a way it really is very comical, I'm thinking maybe I should feel highly flattered by Derv.

  3. I concluded long ago that Dervish, Troofy and the rest were leftwing nutballs incapable of thought independent from the progressive hive collective, and not worth my time.

    Remember, Les, when you and I jumped in on their little kumbaya collective, with their promises of good will? And then it immediately went south?

    Life's too short.

    1. Yeah Silver, I do recall that. There are a lot of nutballs for sure. Apparently hypocricy is a staple among them.

  4. "I guess when you live on the dole and suck off the public teat you have time for that nonsense."

    Yeah. Right. That's why FIVE conservatives have wasted their time setting up parody "Progressive Eruptions" blogs.

    The real reason people do parody is because the object of the parody drives them mad, and it is the only way they have to retaliate.

    I've pissed off five cons who have nothing better to do than set up parody blogs of P.E. and RN has pissed off one.

    Les, we're both doing our jobs.

    Oh, yes, and don't forget that your commenter, Rusty, has the charming habit of calling women he doesn't agree with "fat c**ts." Another example of how someone who is frustrated to the maximum with minimum intelligence is forced to express his bitterest anger. If you haven't got the intellectual chops to argue rationally, you have to use gutter language and insults,, as the sad little man Rusty has demonstrated.

    1. Judging from that photo of you and Ms. Rand, it must have been taken circa 1935-40.
      You were a mature looking lad, I daresay!

  5. It's par for the course for WD, who spent his holidays at the end of last year sending me countless lengthy gay-sex fantasies.

    Shaw's condemnation of the parody Progressive Erupts' rings hollow given her enthusiastic endorsement of WD's fake blogs/IDs.

    Anyway, WD's creation of these shrine sub-blogs reminds me a lot of an 11 year old girl who is a fan of Justin Beiber plastering her bedroom walls with photos of her idol.

    I'm guessing that Rusty is next. Are you a betting man?

  6. SF: "Remember, Les, when you and I jumped in on their little kumbaya collective, with their promises of good will? And then it immediately went south?"

    C'mon SF, be honest. That wasn't the only reason for that brief encounter going south. BTW, Les is still welcome there and expresses his opinion. As for the characterization of "kumbaya-ism" on that blog, the same can truthfully be said of the conservative blogs. You know darn well that whenever "Ducky" gives his opinions on those blogs, he's immediately labeled an idiot, libturd, Commie, Marxist, or anything insulting for his opinion. Except for Western Hero Blog, the same happened to me. For the record: That does NOT happen to Les when he comments at my blog or over at The Swash Zone.

    So which blogs are a sealed-off bubbles full of kumbyahists who cannot deal with a differing points of view?

    1. Shaw:
      I was referring to a website one of those two left nuts set up (kinda like Tumblr, can't remember the name), can't remember which one. They invited Les and I in, all in the spirit of comity, civil discourse, etc, but it proved to be a quick descent into acrimony.

      I don't knock anyone for the blogs they author or visit. They serve their purpose, make people feel better about themselves, reenforce existing beliefs, etc.

  7. Old Derv the Swerve is apparently going to be quite active with posting at HIS "Lying Lester" self mental masturbatory spoof blog. Derv's newest mental masturbation can be found at

    Enjoy the read all...

  8. Comment left by Silverfiddle (of Western Hero) over at Derv the Swerve's "Lying Lester" spoof blog...

    "Les better watch it, Ayn is ogling him with amorous eyes. I hope he's got some condoms in his wallet. I heard she was pretty wild back in the day..."

    Sorry about not commenting over at the Swerve's spoof blog Silver but since I will not post his mental masturbation comments on RN USA (he leaves me daily DAILY doses of them) I thought it inappropriate to comment on his sight.

    Yeah, I've heard Ayn was, shall we say quite the amorous, women. I never tried to confirm the validity as I always kept it on the philosophical and intellectual level. Apparently unlike Derv the Swerve given the content of the daily e-mails he sends my way. Will and dmarks have previously experienced the same from ole Derv.

    Better watch what you say Silver or the Swerve may put you next on his list of spoof blog line ups. But hey, given it is Derv one should consider a honor!

    1. Just having a little fun. Often, the best way to answer absurdity is with more of the same.

      Have a great weekend

  9. I believe that our fine colleague, Truth 101 (AKA, the Ayatollah Truthmeni) has also referred to this individual as, "a nut" (just for a complete record, I'm saying).

  10. Although I was somewhat surprised at first - such news always comes unexpectedly - nevertheless, now that the perennial cat is out of the closet, let me be the first to offer my congratulations and wish the two of you happiness and long life together.

  11. With all due AND sincere respect (O)CT(O)PUS all I can say is Eff off and take the jackass Derv with you.

    1. PS: You fooled me once. I WONT be fooled again.

    2. Aww shucks, RN. Just a little satire to lighten the mood (you do take life far too seriously, ya know). Besides, consider the example of Gilbert & Sullivan. Although they hated each others' guts in real life, together they wrote engaging and lively comic operas. Like The Pirates of Penance and the My Cato, for instance.

    3. BTW, what's with the Mueller's® Pasta ad (below). Are you going "noodles" on me?

    4. I take assholes, liars, and hypocrites seriously. ASSHAT Canardo Sanders is all three.

    5. PS: And, as Joe Kelly aka Truth 101 aptly stated Sanders is a shithead as well.

      Note: The dickweed won't be seen here again so you'll just have to kibitz with him at one bullshit sites.

      Discussion in regards ASSHAT Sanders is now concluded.

      Pick em however you effing want to.

  12. I finally got around to checking it out, Les. Disturbing, as always, and exactly what you'd expect from an individual who goes around quoting Stalin in the affirmative and who actually thinks that we should have handed Osama bin Laden over to some Islamic council fully loaded with dictators.

    1. "...Islamic council fully loaded with dictators...."

      Exactly, Rusty. Derve found an obscure but extreme columnist who named this organization of Khadaffy, Assad, Saddam Hussein (at the time), the leader of Sudan (and many other butchers and despots) as a "moderate" organization. When it is nothing more than the worst sort of terrorist cabal.

      Turning Bin Laden over to them for "justice" would be akin, to, say, turning Eric Rudolph over to the KKK for them to handle it.

      Derve is also hung up on the idea that the bungling George W. Bush intentionally let Osama go, despite a complete lack of evidence on this. The only evidence here is of Dervish's maniacal (and sometimes murderous) hatred of our duly elected 43rd President. He is willing to shove all facts aside for that bright and shining hatred.

      But you are right. Dervish wanting Bin Laden to have been handed over to his fellow terrorists really really takes the cake, doesn't it?

  13. have to agree our boy is putting quite a bit of effort into it.And some of it is actually funny.He may have hit on something.

    1. Yeah Rusty, if ya work hard enough maybe the dude will dedicate a spoof blog in your name as well. The F*****R does enjoy the notoriety!

  14. For whatever it's worth, I posted the comment below at the above-referenced weblog (although I cannot guarantee it will be posted by the blog author):
    De Sophisticis Elenchis:

    It appears this blog is built upon an edifice of logical fallacies of the ad hominem type - defined as circumstantial, irrelevant or abusive attacks upon a person that undermines the soundness of the argument. Group affiliations or the abilities of a person do not necessarily account for the origin of a person’s viewpoint; yet such attributes may be erroneously applied and held against subject person in an effort to discredit his or her viewpoint.

    If a person self-identifies as Conservative or Liberal, Democrat or Republican, Black or White, Christian, Jew, or Muslim, do these affiliations mean a person is necessarily bad and therefore unworthy of civil and humane treatment? I should hope not!

    Tu Quoque. The associations, background, and aspirations of a person may give you sufficient reason to be suspicious of his or her argument, but it does not give you sufficient reason to discount it.

    Oh, but he started it first” (non sequitur)!

    Perhaps it can be argued that the purpose of this blog is one of satire. Sometimes, however, a misplaced satire crosses a boundary - when it turns petty and abusive and ugly - and begins to violate all standards of civility and decorum. I believe this blog and these posts have crossed this boundary.

    You’ve had your fun. Time to move on.

    1. Yep, and so it goes.

      Some move on some lack the capacity to do so. We'll see how it goes.

      PS: Thanks...

    2. RN,
      To my surprise, the eponymous blogger posted my aforementioned comment and, to my chagrin, quoted me out of context. When you encounter such a person who takes sadistic pleasure in taunting other people, here is my best advice:

      IGNORE IT. Do not respond to it. Do not call attention to it. Do not visit subject weblog or read the posts and comments therein – even out of curiosity. And do not let such persons get your goat (they thrive on knowing they have annoyed you – and it motivates them to re-double the taunts).

      Eponymous blogger is an outlier who does not represent my values or those of my friends and associates. Trading one gratuitous partisan stereotype for another, tit for tat, will only make matters worse.

      The wise and mature thing to do: Keep these forms of illegitimate discourse out of our respective communities and out of our lives.

    3. Ah yes, as expected he responded as he always does. I would hope eponymous blogger does not represent anyone, but, unfortunately as we all know such is NOT the case.

      I have made my point, I have precious little time to begin with, and I sure as hell am not going to waste any more of it looking for pond scum or allowing it to infest this site.

      Eponymous blogger can live his depraved existence. More power to him.


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