Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pope Francis and the GOP Jitters...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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It seems Pope Francis has the GOP is a twist. I can understand this because the Pontiff, being the head Theologian steeped in education and the pursuit of Mysticism really hasn't a clue when it comes to economics, business, or how to run anything other than the Church. Supposedly a purely altruistic and spiritual pursuit.

On the other hand we have the ex Randian (for political reasons he later denounced Objectivism) Representative Paul Ryan talking about capitalism and how the Pope, who hails from Argentina, doesn't understand capitalism because all Argentinians have known is crony capitalism. Fair enough. Let us take a look at the definition of crony capitalism and see how it all plays out shall we?

Crony Capitalism - An economy that is nominally free-market, but allows for preferential regulation and other favorable government intervention based on personal relationships. In such a system, the false appearance of "pure" capitalism is publicly maintained to preserve the exclusive influence of well-connected individuals. (Source)

Oops! Looks as though a future (well connected) potential Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States of America has just described, here it is... the U.S. economy and its crony "Capitalists."

Read the Article below the fold.


  1. The definition is perfect....

    Obama (and, yes, his predecessors) robbing from the rich and poor alike to give to well-connected buddies in the greenscam, auto, banking, and other industries is quite Peronist, isn't it?

    By the way, check out <a href = "'>this story</A>. You have to admit, sometimes the Tea Party faction still does go to bat for sanity, against this type of corruption. The so called "teabaggers" are true heroes in this article (which by the way comes from a left-wing news site). And if you read it, you will see that the defenders of this corruption (wasting $300 million in taxpayer money on wealthy private interests) are all the way down to the local level.

    You will also see in the article the euphemistic name name used so often to sell crony capitalism, especially at the state and local level: “public private partnerships". Because those who get wealthy pushing this are afraid of the more honest terms: corruption, crony capitalism, and corporate welfare.

    Be ever vigilant at all levels. This truly is the "tyranny" so often mentioned in items in your blog.

  2. Don't blame this SHIT on just Obama at the federal level, that is bunk. The DAMN republicans are the biggest crony capitalists and corporate welfare recipients of all. Just as Ayn Rand spoke of back when, the 60's and 70's.

    Come one come all corporatist(s), crony capitalists, lobbyist belly up to the trough of BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT as he/she doles out the graft and special subsidies we all pay for.

    All calling Paul Ryan.... and ... you finish the sentence.

  3. Don't get too testy there... not sure your argument is with me this time...I specifically brought up the predecessors andvthe other levels. Republicans are the crony capitalist "villains; of the Daily Beast article I chose, shall n

  4. Me, testy? Never.

    I reread your initial comment, yep, you did give Obama's predecessor unfavorable passing mention. Kudos on that.

    My present position following analysis is the GOP is north of 50% responsible for present realities. The beginning of the GOP loss of touch with reality preceeded GWB. He merely became the Crown Prince.

  5. Here is another good site on it. Outrage after outrage....

  6. And yes, George W. Bush did start the bank bailouts (and signed them) before Obama. He also was getting underway the entirely unnecessary gift of tens of billions of dollars to the auto companies before Obama completed it. He also was engaged in greenscam crony capitalism, before Obama. Bush also gave us silly stimuluses long before Obama's infamous stimulus package in 2009 that presided over billions to connected friends, while millions of jobs were lost.

    And, Congress-wise, when push comes to shove, yes indeed most of the Republicans will end up going along with the crony scams, earmarks, and pork barrel crap. You are right.

    I wish the Tea Party would focus on these issues, and move away from the "social" issues, and stop giving a damn as to whether or not Obama is Muslim or whether or not he was born in the US (he isn't, and he was, not that it is important to me). They are the strongest voice that I have found against crony capitalism, I give them that. Their role in the Atlanta stadium scandal issue is very positive.


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