Thursday, August 9, 2012

Political Landscape 2012...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

I was contemplating the present state of American politics and government this evening more than usual. Especially the influence the hard right and the even harder left has on our national gridlock. Since it feels like a political war zone, where anything seems to fly, I found myself humming this song.

I think I understand why.


  1. .

    "I think I understand why."

    Have you come to the realization that your willingness to support and encourage boldface liars and their blatant flat-out lies comes at a cost?

    "I think I understand why."

    One can lie oneself to power: one cannot lie oneself to the truth.

    The truth is you are wrong; wrong about the people of USA and the people's governments of USA. The people of USA are open, honest, generous, and capable; the people's governments are made of people of USA.

    "I think I understand why."

    You have convinced yourself, based on the lies presented by anti-USA Murdoch Media/Fox Networks, that USA and its government representatives are made up of evil and nefarious types. You have been willing to spread MM/FN lies, slurs, and slanders because you wanted to believe you could achieve your goals.

    "I think I understand why."

    You have come to the realization that you are not going to achieve any of your goals because your goals (what ever they were) were not the goals of the liars (to bring down USA, its government, and destroy USA). You have been used. You have been lied to.

    "I think I understand why."

    Ema Nymton

    1. And you support "truth tellers" like Bill Burton, Ema. I think that there are more than enough bald-faced liars to go around, me-buck.

  2. You have the timing about right, it has been since the 60's that this country has been on the eve of destruction and now it is coming home to roost. This country is polarized by self-interests and selfishness, that puts every personal wacky idea ahead of anything else. This is the "me" generation at its absolute "best". I think their kids and grand kids have a more pragmatic take on things. They don't give a crap about gay marriage, abortion, or just about anything else like the generations before them. It is sadly really because they have lost the power of the American Dream and are willing to settle for a whole lot less. I hang my head in shame for what us old-timers have done to this country as a group.

    1. Indeed Sandy, you have identified part of the problem.

  3. The only answer is to chop the federal government in half, at least. Turn it back to the states and the people.

    The Feral Government is imposing top-down, one-size-fits-all "solutions" that solve nothing. It just pisses everybody off, because we are not a one-size-fits-all nation.

    We argue all the time because we are no longer free to make our own individual choices on day to day matters.

    The Feral Government has thrown all our rights into a big pot and we now argue over how to parcel them back out.

    1. Hear, Hear! The numskull who is the first commenter on this thread, the one with flowers in her hair, lives (or at least thinks she does) in a land of rainbows and unicorns, and smokes the hopiuum of hope and change is indeed a VERY large part of the problem.

      Why? Because there is no way BUT her way. Which means no way other than her Messiahs way.

      Unfortunately there also exists the opposite extreme on the other side of the mirror that shares some responsibility as well.

    2. She smokes something. What was she even saying in that comment? I think she copied and pasted it from another post (which she does often).

      Great comment too, Silver, I think you nailed EXACTLY what is wrong with America.

  4. Les, it's your blog and you set the tone for the comments.

    Calling your own commenter a "numbskull" and mocking her opinion is also your choice.

    Not very welcoming to those of us who have a difference of opinion.

    Your way of dealing with differences?

    Calling people numbskulls?


    1. Whew is what I would say to Ema, as her comments are always in the same vein as you describe mine.

      Depends on ones viewpoint don't you think.

      I find the whole landscape most amusing.

  5. you keep wailing away at these people who you call the "hard right" and those you call the "hard left".

    just who are these people, Les?

    and if you are willing to answer that question then be specific enough so that if anyone who read your answer would recognize themselves. it sure is apparent that you do not see yourself as fitting one of those catagories.

    1. That my friend is for each individual, exercising their free will to challenge their own independent thoughts to whatever depth of introspection they choose to determine where they fit.

      A clue, (mirrors in an analogous sense) work quite well in figuring it out Griper. Have fun!

  6. "even harder left"... ROTFLMAO.

    Have you no sense of modern American history? Have you been paying attention at all?

    The left in America today is at it's weakest political point since, well, as ever!

    Don't pin it on the left, my friend. That's just BS.

    Our country moved very far to the right in recent years, and it's accomplished everything one could expect.


    1. Jersey, Jersey, Jersey... don't hurt yourself ROTFLYAO. I refer you to my response above. Whatever shoe fits, no matter were you see yourself, Is fine by me.

      If you believe I have no sense of history jmj then I guess it is you who is clueless.

      As I said, "I think I understand why". People shy away from the difficult tasks. I'll leave it to you to decide for yourself what you think that means.

  7. "That my friend is for each individual, exercising their free will to challenge their own independent thoughts to whatever depth of introspection they choose to determine where they fit."

    Translation, please.

    This is something an obscurantist would write.

    1. Really? Well lets just say self introspection and questioning is a prerequisite to understanding. First seek to understand, then to be understood. Paraphrasing I believe Covey, but I could be mistaken.

      The answer to the Griper's question can be found within oneself. if the deal in honestly rather than just facts.

  8. tis a cop out answer you gave too and one that both Shaw and i agree on.

    you are the one that described the two sides as being "hard" therefore rationality declares that you are the one that needs to define its meaning to the rest of us or else it is only an empty accusation, RN.

    and by your own answer you are declaring that you know the answer already within you and it is that answer that was requested of you.

    if i or anybody else wanted to know what is within ourself we surely wouldn't be asking you the question. that would be irrational. thus your answer is not a rational answer.

    1. Tis not a cop out, do the hard work yourself.

      Hard means fringe, far out, extreme. If ya don't know what that is ya don't want to know. Or ys haven't figured it out yet.

      In fact Griper I do know the answer within myself, FOR ME, and likely for millions of others that do not circle on the "hard" left or right. It's called willingness to accept that which makes sense from both sides. It means not carrying water" for anybody. Far too many do.

      Gripper, I never asked you or anybody else to ask me, I said clearly it lies with each individual. So go look within. Have a great evening.

  9. makes sense on both sides, ok
    1. collectivism makes sense to those on the left, individualism makes sense to those on the right. i accept that. these cannot be compromised without contradiction of one or the other. thus we now have the hard right and hard left.
    2. socialism in some form makes sense to those on the left. free enterprise in some form makes sense to those on the right. i accept that. these cannot be compromised without contradiction of one or the other. thus we have the hard right and the hard left.
    3. the "effect" is the determinant of values to the left. the "cause" is the determinant of values to the right. i accept that. this cannot be compromised without contradiction of one or the other. thus, we have the hard right and the hard left.

    and this can be applied to free will and determinism and a whole bunch of opposing concepts. i accept that.

    since each and every one of these concepts are related in some way any attempt to come to a compromise of one set will automatically effect every other one.

    that must make you one of those who you are wailing against because you have shown yourself as an advocate without compromise to one side or the other on each of these extreme positions.

    your challenge was accepted and responded to for all to see and evaluate for themselves. i'm not afraid to have my viewpoints questioned or evaluated.

    apparently you are, especially when it is me asking the questions or critisizing your viewpoint.

  10. I totally agree. Be hot or cold or get spewed out.

    This brings to mind an old adage, "Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way!"


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