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The Irrationality of "ANON" and his/her Trail Through Progressive Blogistan...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

The following word salad of irrationality and hate was left as a comment at Rational Nation USA on a post entitled “Free Will.” After a initial reading of, and further contemplating the comment I decided to withhold publication of “anon’s” comment as I believed it to lack any intrinsic value whatsoever. Other than demonstrating a complete lack of intellectual clarity and honesty I thought the comment to be, well, rather worthless.

It was not until “anon” decided to post his/her delusional irrationality that I decided to publish the comment on Rational Nation USA. Objectivism, because it requires looking at reality squarely in the face so to speak, absolutely scare hell out of the collectivist mindset that is personified by “anon.”

For those with a rational mind I am sure you will get a chuckle from reading the following diatribe of irrationality. It expresses feelings born of the belief that somebody, from “anon’s” view no doubt somebody means Leviathan Big Brother/Big Sister nanny state government, is responsible for, and will take care of the needs one chooses not to take care of themselves when they could, and should have . After all, in the minds of those who support a statist all encompassing collectivist government it is the “fair” thing to do.

Objectivism, and the morality of living one’s life in pursuit of their own “rational self interest” is the most misunderstood and misrepresented concept of the modern age. Pursuing rational one’s self interest, properly understood does not mean “at the expense” of everybody else. But that is the precise premise from which delusional uneducated folks llike “anon” portray it as meaning. It is intellectual dishonest and bereft of any and all integrity.

There is neither tine nor space to cover the concepts of Objectivism and rational self interest in the space of this column. To do so requires an extensive reading of the volume of work generated by Ayn Rand over the course of her life.

For those who understand my comments here nothing further is required. For those who chose to remain ignorant of Objectivism and the proper meaning of rational self interest nothing will change their minds. It is for those who have retained an active and inquiring mind I have written the foregoing. My hope is they will find their way to Objectivism and a proper understanding of rational self interest. In so doing they will enhance their happiness and joy beyond anything the collectivist statist cabal can promse.

Anonymous 7:35 AM, June 19, 2012 - The first thought I have is about the people who call themselves “conservatives” today, and their fully-deserved designation as Randiots. It wasn’t all that long ago that people on the hard right understood that some Government intervention in the economy wasn’t evil, but an actual necessity. There were once right-wingers I didn’t have much use for philosophically, but I still respected. People like Barry Goldwater, and Warren Rudman. Somehow, the people of that generation raised the biggest bunch of selfish, ignorant morons that any society has ever produced. Where McCarthy was denounced as a fringe lunatic by the people of Goldwater’s generation, the generation of his descendants regard McCarthy is an idol. The old-time conservatives also despised and denounced dishonesty and corruption, while their children celebrate and embrace both things. Which is not to say that the children of old-style liberals were any better; in many cases they turned out to be even MORE Randiot than kids raised in winger households. I do not know exactly what happened here, and I don’t know exactly why it happened, but it would be wonderful for the Randiots to be studied, and queried, so we might know what to tell parents to avoid in the future.

Objectivism, itself, is complete stupidity, utterly insane, and the basis of a social structure that even wild dogs would not practice. I will assume that Rand came up with Objectivism during one of her meth binges, because nobody who wasn’t high on something could ever have offered up such a blatantly unworkable proposition. A society full of Objectivists is a society full of Ted Bundys and Jeffrey Dahmers, doing what they want to do, and never mind who has to be hurt or killed in order for them to do it. I have long suspected that most Randiots don’t actually understand Objectivism, but use it as a cover for their own selfishness and greed. In their way of thinking, somehow Rand saying that greed is okie-dokie makes it an intellectual kind of philosophy. Well, you know…. it sure doesn’t mean that at all. Calling yourself “smart” because Rand agrees with your greedy nature is like calling shit “fragrant” because there are some dogs that will roll around in it.

And last but not least, once you get above a couple of kids trading baseball cards, there is no such thing as a “free market.” Every mom-and-pop shop owner on Earth would like to be bigger than Mao-Mart, and Mao-Mart would like to shut down every mom-and-pop shop on Earth. Without Government to act as a fair arbiter in the interests of BOTH parties, you eventually wind up with whatever quality and price that the monolith decides you’ll get. The Randiots that cry about REGALASHUNS on giant corporations are actually arguing the Stalinist position, since Stalin shut down all the small traders in the USSR and made everyone go to Government stores for whatever items Stalin thought that consumers should be able to get. A privately-owned Stalinism is what you inevitably wind up with in a totally-unregulated “free market” system. Regulation KEEPS markets free.

It may be that the Randiots will be completely discredited in another election cycle or two (if we have that many left,) but the damage they’ve done will now carry over into the next century. The people who have suffered from the effects of Randiot economics are going to outlive us all, and we are not going to be able to undo a lot of what they’ve had to endure, any more than we could fix the heartbreak of so many who lived through the last Republican Depression. My hope is that the suffering people of today will turn out to be as wise as those who suffered through the last Depression.

Actually, I hope they’re even wiser, and remember to watch their children for any signs that the kids might be Randiots. Let no society ever again have to endure the kind of greed and hate-blinded stupidity we’ve had to suffer through.

You can find "anon's" trail leading from here to the previous linked site. It seems almost certain that "anon" fears the power of the individual and the concept of self sufficiency and pursuing ones own rational self interest. But I guess that is what can be expected from the irrational.

Ayn Rand - Objectivism & Rational Self Interest


  1. Wow. That screed by "Anonymous" is one of the densest mounds of fecal matter that I've ever read. The intellectual sloth is so brilliantly evident from the post's absolute void of substance that I'm inclined to give a standing ovation for the achievement of an even deeper level of empty rhetoric, non sequitur, and false analogy than we've come to expect from the typical totalitarian collectivist. Bravo! Anonymous, I see a career in political speech writing or journalism in your future.

  2. Anon is irrational and her arguments are rife with logical inconsistencies.

    I give Liberalmann credit, at least he puts his name to his incoherent missives...

    I'm at the point of turning off anonymouse comments, mostly to stop all the Russian spam. Google accounts are free and easy to set up, but I'm sure some liberals will whine about blog disenfranchisement...

  3. I don't care who "anon" may be, but the notion that some "progressive" would cite Barry friggin' Goldwater and Warren Rudman? It's insane.

    As for your little complaint their, Silver, be more wary of foreign commerce. They're most likely the ones out to hack your site. Makes you think about regulations, huh?


  4. Jersey: It's all kinds of spam, Oakley Sunglasses, viagara, porn sites...

    Makes you think about regulations, huh?

    In what way?

  5. I could probably get through the entire diatribe IF Anon would stop with all the word morphing. It really doesn't do his/her argument any justice to write "diot" or "shun" after every political affiliation or belief system that he/she doesn't believe in. It only shows ME that his/her argument holds no substance therefore he/she has to insult it.

  6. SF,
    Don't expose yourself to other opinions. You don't need them, you are (as you tell yourself and anyone who will listen) always correct.
    Nice to see you have so much confidence in a company (Google) that kneels to Chinese censorship and intentionally misinforms the Chinese (1.5 BILLION) people. I would think you would not support such cowardice, but as you like to tell people, I was wrong.
    So much for principles and convictions.
    Your rants (blog posts) from the right are just as delusional as Anon's rant here.
    A dose of reality for you, go live in China. See what a real tyrannical collective is like, before you falsely accuse Obama of turning America into one.

  7. Sorry I didn't catch anon's act but when it comes to ragging on frine white bed wetters he sounds like an amateur.

  8. Anon: Who says I have confidence in Google?

    If you really read my blog you would know that I am an enemy of states and governments like China. I believe in the God-given rights to life, liberty and property.

    If you object to Google, what are you doing participating in a Google-hosted blog?

    Finally, I have lived in countries when they were ruled by dictatorships, have friends and family that grew up under dictatorships and have seen their results first hand, so shove your lectures where the sun don't shine. Have you ever left the cushy confines of the United States?

    Do you think before you type?

  9. You would force people to become a Google customer just to comment on your blog. Seems you are an agent of Google just to practice free speech. You would not be allowed to have a blog, if you did not agree to Google's policies. I am Anon because I don't want to be a customer of Google. I practice what I preach.

  10. OK Anon, since you appear to be especially dim, I'll type slowly...

    When you go to comment on my site, you'll see some little symbols there, including Open ID and Word Press. Those work as well.

    And I'll point out again, you are a customer of Google by clicking and commenting on Google hosted blogs. How do you think they pay for all this? Nothing is "Free."

  11. Sorry, you are wrong. I don't need to be a Google customer to comment as Anon., as I am now.
    This is funny. I love the way you individual freedom guys force people to use entities, to be able to practice free speech.
    Maybe you get to much spam because the commie loving company you use, sells your information.
    And those other avenues you mention, I would also have to be a member, to use their sign in's.
    Give them my email so they can track me, send me spam, and give my info to other solicitors who will spam me.
    You don't have to use commie loving companies to communicate, that's a free choice by you.
    Talk about dim.

  12. Well, you whined on about me turning off Anon comments, so I thought I'd present some options to you.

    And I'll remind you again, the internet is brought to you by a conglomeration of corporate entities.

    Unless you are living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with no utilities, you are on the grid. Maybe harboring delusions makes you feel better?


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