Thursday, April 26, 2012

John Derringer, Real American

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

No time to post, needed break.


  1. I have seen Rick "live" a couple time's back in the day (70's) in small as well as arena type venue's ... he was kick ass live! I actually been meaning to also do an induction on him for sure in my "RCJ Music/ Art's Hounour Roll Society". I myself played several Houston venues back in the 70's that folk's like him, Edgar & Johnny Winter and other's had billed at.

    1. Ranch Chimp, what instrument did you play? Guitar?

  2. Les, wasn't that Rick Derringer on the Weird Al Yankovic spoof of "Beat It", "Eat It" - where he does the Eddie Van Halen solo part only to explode on the video from playing too fast? I think that it was.

    1. Don't recall.

      But I do recall the day the music died.

  3. Apology for the late response, and I only caught this cause I was visiting your newer posting's. I play "some" guitar as just a fill in rythem power chord thing. My main job was lead vocal work, and a specialty in Blues harp's, where I used effect's on them, some percussion's. Coverewd alot of heavy metal hard rock type cover's. I dont play anymore (band), but am in touch with several younger musician's, and at home I have a keyboard's set up where I work putting together piece's.


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