Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Question for Paul Krugman

So, dude, is it never possible to have a stimulus package that is TOO massive? I mean, seriously, that does seem to be what you're asserting. Of course, I also have to give you some credit for constructing such a fool-proof argument. I.E., if the stimulus package succeeds, you tell everybody, "See, I told you so", and if it doesn't work, you say, "Oops, it just wasn't big enough." Kind of brilliant (albeit, in a sleazeballish kind of way), if you're asking me.


  1. Krugman wants the ruling elites to have more power in our nation. A lot more power.

    Also, remember that Krugman is the one who, during the 2008 campaign season, bashed Obama for wanting to reduce taxes on the middle class.

  2. Paul Krudman is a disgusting statist troll. He is an intellectually-dishonest gargoyle on the parapets of the Big Government Citadel, incapable to telling the truth, slicing and dicing facts and figures until they fit his skewed, bias thesis, which he passes off as ironclad fact.

    What a horrible man, and the people who lap up his BS exercise not critical thought whatsoever.

    Paul Krudman and the credulous naifs who unquestioningly ingest his shaman's potions are what's wrong with this country.

  3. I'm not a big Palin fan, gents. But when Mr. Krugman tried to pin the blame for the Gabby Giffords attack on her, IMMEDIATELY AFTER IT HAPPENED, my opinion of him plummeted severely (not that it was all that much to begin with).

  4. I saw the stimulus causes businesses to go under in my area. Loss of jobs. There were road projects with big signs saying they were part of the stimulus. The "workers" only worked for a few hours a day and blocked driveways making it hard to do anything.

  5. Silver: You are right. Krugman constantly shills for more power and privilege for the ruling elites.


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