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President Obama's Approval Rating Lowest of His Presidency...

by: Les Carpenter
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Gallup - PRINCETON, NJ -- President Barack Obama averaged 44% job approval for his third full year in office, which ended Jan. 19. His third-year average is down slightly from his second-year average of 47% and much lower than his first-year average of 57%.

Obama's third-year average is based on approximately 175,000 interviews with U.S. adults conducted between Jan. 20, 2011 -- the second anniversary of his inauguration -- and Jan. 19, 2012.

Obama's job approval rating during his third year in office had its ups and downs, peaking at 53% in May and falling as low as 38% in August and October. {Read More}

President Obama is indeed vulnerable. Very vulnerable as a matter of fact. This presents the very possible, although not necessarily probable defeat of the the President this November.

Whether the republican nominee for president is successful or not will depend on two things. First, the shape the economy is in come November and how many people are back to work. Second is the character and perceived competency of the candidate, as well as the vision he projects for America over the next decade and beyond.

Rather than personal and negative attacks on our sitting President it will serve the republican nominee well to focus on the President's actual failing record (as substantiated by the facts), and define a positive vision for America while telling us exactly what he will do to accomplish his vision for the country. It will also be extremely important that the republican nominee shows support for existing civil liberties.

It is time we begin focusing on the records of the candidates during their time in public service, and presenting a positive vision for the nation and it's people. Very much like President Kennedy and President Reagan did.

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  1. The sad thing is that 44.4 percent of those polled are complete morons.

  2. .

    "President Barack Obama averaged 44% job approval for his third full year in office ..."

    "President Obama is indeed vulnerable."

    The RepublicanT Party will serve up Mr Romney as the GOP candidate for President. Given how effectively the others RW Bozos in the Fox 2012 Presidential Primaries have been able to wound and weaken Mr Romney, one can expect similar attacks on him to continue through to November.

    It is not brain surgery. As soon as Mr Romney is anointed as the RepublicanT Party nominee, one can expect he will stop pandering to the whacked-out clowns of the Right Wing. He will immediately jettison the rhetoric of being a 'conservative', true or otherwise. He will try move to the middle.

    The Democratic Party is ready for the campaign. Many of the attack ads have been tested (and been found to be quite effective) by the losers in the Fox 2012 Presidential Primaries. Any move to the middle by Mr Romney will be seen as weakness by the RW.

    20% of voters will NEVER ever vote for Mr Obama. 30% of voters will stay home in protest. Mr Obama's 44% looks strong.

    Should any body besides Mr Romney win the nomination of the RepublicanT Party, the Electoral results in November would be a land-slide in favor of Mr Obama.

    Ema Nymton

  3. If you have no vision other than obtaining the office of President then you will not be elected. Romney so far has only proven he wants to be President, but nothing about where he wants to take the country. Romney and Gingrich both say whatever they think will get them elected. This does not excite the electorate, so it is very likely if either win the Joker wins. American wants a hero and some one with vision. The squishy middle fell for the Joker's vision because he had one, but until someone has a better vision and can articulate it there will be no change in the White House until 2016. The pundits would have you believe that the average American only wants to hear about sunshine and rainbows, but we are a heck of a lot smarter than that and can handle the truth if it comes with a plan. Reagan and Kennedy both were men of vision and the country responded.

  4. Ems - Hard to argue against your points at this time, as the only republican that hs a vision and a plan will not get the nomination. The republican party power brokers are not served by his views. And the rest of the country isn't ready for it. Yet...

    Sandy said it well.

  5. I wouldn't underestimate the intelligence or political savvy of the 44.4 percent. Look at the fractured republican party, they have no real vision or effective plan.Much of America senses this. Both Sandy and Emma make valid observations.

    I fear, as Sandy does nothing will change until 2016. Unless one of the republican candidates actually comes up with a workable sensible vision for America and a workable sustainable economic plan tht benefits the United States as a whole. Time to bring back jobs and keep them in this country.

  6. "Time to bring back jobs and keep them in this country."

    The first and easiest step for this is a national right-to-work law.

  7. Whoever wins, it's going to be the dirtiest, ugliest campaign our nation has ever seen.

    The GOP field is horrible. Obama being a one-termer is far from a done deal.

  8. Silver I have to agree with you that the Joker is far from done because the squishy middle sees no reason to shift away to a career loser politician. All this talk that Newt is now the front runner and Mitt is done is also a load of crap, but the true response is who cares. Now, I do think Newt could pull a rabbit out of his butt with a plan (the Contract), but he hasn't shown signs of it yet. Then again maybe the fact that Newt's grand contract never was fully implemented gives him pause to bring attention to it with a new plan.

  9. The Joker is no where near being one and out, if the other side can't put together a better alternative than Mitt or Newt. Those two are politicians and everyone is very aware of that fact, so they will keep looking for someone, anyone, to throw their support behind. I still think that there will be some interesting twists between now and November, so I am still holding out hope for a hero with vision for America.

  10. You would think he would be easy to beat, but with this crowd of Republicans, I wouldn't bet on it

  11. You never know... the least experienced Democrat in 2008, the one with a very lackluster legislative record and who was too lazy to vote too much of the time, ended up winning over much more qualified experienced Democrats.


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