Sunday, January 29, 2012

L.L. Bean Heiress Endorses Ron Paul

by: Les Carpenter
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Well well, Ron Paul has just been endorsed by Linda Bean, heiress to famed outfitter L.L.Bean. The Maine resident, and long time admirer of Mr Paul made the announcement at her lobster restaurant in Freeport.

Ms. Bean, in making her endorsement cited the reasons Paul supporters across the country respect, admire, and thus support the only true fiscal conservative and constitutionally astute republican candidate in the current field. Herman Cain's recent endorsement of Newtie the big "R" statist aside.

Freeport, Maine (CNN) - Linda Bean, an heiress to famed Maine outfitter L.L. Bean, came out in support of Ron Paul on Saturday as the candidate made a campaign swing through the state.

Bean, who is a part owner of her family's company and sits on its board, said she is a longtime supporter of the Texas congressman. She backed his 2008 presidential bid, but hasn't made a public endorsement in the current race until now.

"I've been for Ron Paul for years," Bean said. "I watched his House races in Texas, and he's just true blue. He doesn't waver from the Constitution and I like that very much."

Bean made her endorsement at the lobster restaurant she owns in Freeport, situated across the road from L.L. Bean’s large flagship store. She singled out Paul's appeal across the political spectrum as a reason for her support.

"He's very electable, he crosses all ideological lines because of his strong message," Bean said. "He's for the gold standard. I think people want stability in this country. He's for helping America domestically, and staying out of aggressive wars. We're just spending ourselves down the drain in these countries year after year with occupation."

When asked why she wasn't supporting fellow New Englander Mitt Romney, Bean said, "I've always been for Ron Paul."

Bean ran for Congress herself in 1988 but lost the Republican primary. She ran again in 1992, winning the nomination... {Read More}

Coming from a fellow New Englander Ms, Bean's endorsement of Ron Paul is especially satisfying. Just goes to show ya not all us folks in the northeast are flaming liberal's and progressives. Some are aware of our constitutional heritage and in fact understand what classical liberalism really means and what it identifies.

Unfortunately it seems few republicans and democrats these days have a clue.

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  1. "Unfortunately it seems few republicans and democrats these days have a clue."


  2. I've heard some pundits say that Mr. Paul could very well end up winning the state of Maine. Now that would really torque up the status quoers!


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