Sunday, September 4, 2011

Google and It's Blind Eye or Hidden Agenda

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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While Rational Nation USA appreciates the free blogging format Google offers, as no doubt millions of other bloggers do as well, I must say it is irritating to say he least that Google plasters "Obama 2012" advertisements all over this conservative/libertarian sight.

Not that I am questioning their right to do so. After all I gain the benefits of a cost free platform to voice rational conservative/libertarian opinions on. So, all things considered I suppose this is a fair and equitable exchange.

Nonetheless, this site feels the definite necessity to clearly and explicitly state...

This site does not now, nor as it ever, supported the political philosophy, policies, or collectivist views of the current occupant of The White House. nor will it ever.


  1. Les,

    If you are confident in your arguments against President Obama, than you should be more than happy to engage pro-Obama visitors to your site.

    If you were an advertiser, you'd be hoping for that.


  2. Firefox + Adblock Plus = No ads and significantly faster loading times

  3. Sounds like Bastiatarian has a good equation.

  4. You've also got Ron Paul up there, so that balances it out I suppose...


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