Friday, July 15, 2011

The Wrong Line In The Sand

by: Les Carpenter
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As the clock ticks on, and the nation approaches a possible default on it's debt obligations some Republicans are beginning to sense the mistakes being made within their ranks.

WASHINGTON -- Some Republicans are starting to have buyer's remorse over their party's insistence that a vote to raise the debt limit be tied to a long-term deficit reduction package.

"Maybe the debt ceiling was the wrong place to pick a fight, as it related to trying to get our country's house in order," Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said Thursday. "Maybe that was the wrong place to do it."

Speaking from the Senate floor, Corker said Republicans demanded linking the two issues because the Senate hasn't passed a budget in more than 800 days. "I credit both sides for that," he said. But now, the inability of the White House and Congress to agree to a spending deal -- and ensure a timely debt ceiling increase -- is "helping our great nation go into decline."

For months, House and Senate GOP leaders have vowed not to raise the debt limit without tying the vote to substantial deficit reduction. The White House and Democratic leaders initially protested, citing grave economic consequences of toying with a debt-ceiling hike. But they eventually acquiesced as Republican leaders made it clear they weren't budging.

“To increase the debt limit without simultaneously addressing the drivers of our debt, in defiance of the will of our people, would be monumentally arrogant and massively irresponsible," Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said in May at the Economic Club of New York. {The Rest}

I find myself in increasing agreement with Senator Corker.

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  1. The problem with more compromise is that the spending issue will never get fixed until there's a catastrophic economic crisis and ultimately civil war or imposition of a police state. The sooner we start massive spending cuts the better. The debt ceiling is a good place to draw the line. Its an issue people are fired up about. Capping borrowing is something everyone can understand. And the GOP has refused to draw the line anywhere else, e.g. on regulation, appointing progressive judges, confirming progressive agency heads, defunding libya, obama's various unconstitutional acts besides libya, the TSA, patriot act renewal. It gets depressing to itemize. The GOP has picked a good fight and they need to stick to it.

  2. At the possible expense of the nation.

    I fully agree in principle, however, in reality the republicrats have chosen poorly. It should never have come to the point we are now, and we must no, IMO, default on the full faith and credit of the U.S.A.

    Cut, Cap, and Balance is the proper course. Finding the bridge, is of course what we pay our representatives to do.


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