Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ron Paul Would Run Competively Against Obama

by: Les Carpenter
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Ron Paul, arguably one of the most knowledgeable congressman when it comes to a proper understanding of the constitution, potentially could unseat Obama in 2012.

Rasmussen Reports:
Congressman Ron Paul may be a long shot to win the Republican presidential nomination, but he runs competitively with President Obama right now.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely Voters shows Paul picking up 37% of the vote, while the president earns 41%. The Texas congressman joins Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachmann, and Rick Perry as candidates within hailing distance of the president at this time.

Rudy Giuliani is another potential candidate who is considered a long shot for the nomination but is competitive with the president. The former mayor of New York City trails Obama by five, 44% to 39%.

But the real story in the numbers is that the president continues to earn between 41% and 49% of the vote no matter which Republican is mentioned as a potential opponent. This suggests that the race remains a referendum on the incumbent more than anything else. {Read Full Report}

Unfortunately the two biggest hurdles standing in the way of Rep. Ron Paul receiving the republican nomination is the media and the power elite within the republican party.

It's a shame really. Ron Paul is pigeonholed by the media and the power elite because he threatens business as usual. Ron Paul is a man that would bring positive change to a dysfunctional Washington.

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  1. That's the problem. The Republican leadership won't back him. Instead, they'll support some RHINO who the people won't vote for and Obama will get in again. I SINCERELY hope that I'm proven wrong.

  2. My faith is totally with our Lord Jesus Christ, but the next best earthly leader is Ron Paul. I pray everyday for his health and safety.
    Walter Anthony Swiercynski

  3. Since the elite and media are proven road blocks... it's up to us to stand together and come up with a plan to educate our communities!

  4. Georges - We indeed need the voice of Ron Paul. And it is unfortunate that the republican power structure will insure he has no opportunity to win the nomination.

    Basically the republican party is USELESS!

  5. Walter - I too hope Ron Paul remains healthy and leveler heads prevail so he might assume a national presence.

  6. Tracie - I can not agree more! Well said.


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