Thursday, May 19, 2011

LCR at American Thinker, "Ron Paul's Controversial Statement Exposes Foreign Policy Rift"

By the Left Coast Rebel

Early this week I wrote a piece about Ron Paul and defense issues that got published at American Thinker. This surprised me as it was a bit provocative and covers the taboo topic -- especially among Republican circles -- of cutting the Defense Department and realigning our priorities at home and abroad.

It's my first article at American Thinker. Could you please read the piece, let me know what you think, link and comment if you can?

Here's the opener and link after the excerpt:

Ron Paul's Controversial Statement Exposes Foreign Policy Rift

By Tim Daniel

Tea party favorite and libertarian stalwart Congressman Ron Paul fanned the flames of controversy last week, stating to WHO radio's Simon Conway that he in fact would not have ordered the Osama bin Laden kill, preferring, rather, an arrest and civilian-court trial for the 9-11 mastermind. Paul's statement was met with full-throated derision in GOP circles as the "crazy uncle in the attic" became all-the-crazier with his simple admission.Pulling the curtain away from the issue, did Ron Paul simply expose a giant chasm between two foreign policy trains of thought in the...

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  1. I think you make the mistake of assuming that because there is a movement among the libertarians on foreign entanglement therefore the Republican establishment might reverse its position on that.

    I've got some bad news for you, sunshine...

    If you vote Republican, you are voting for the military empire. Period. None of them stand up against that - except maybe Ron Paul (and a whole host of Democrats). BUT THEY AREN'T GOING TO BE PRESIDENT.

    Keep voting against your own interests. Good luck with that.


  2. Ah LCR. The republican party is always for business. Especially for business that lives off government largess. Defense contractors will always come before good sense and ideology. To be fair, this is true of the corporatist Democrat Party as well.

    And you still owe me $20.

  3. And I get criticized unmercifully for actually understanding and advocating Rand's philosophy and Paul's Libertarianism.

    Go figure?

  4. JMJ - so that means I can't point out what is right? Who said I am voting for one of the neoconservative in the race? I won't.

    Truth - I think you're right but don't write off that many are waking up to it and will change things one day. This corporatism is vile to both thinkers left and right. Here's what I'm going to do for you on the $20 bet that you won - fire me an email at leftcoastrebel at gmail dot com and I will even add 10% for the fact that it is late. Paypal ok? I saw your scathing post on our bet a month or so ago and you are right, that leftist, cynical, corporatist-statist bumbling old fool Reid beat Angle (who ran a terrible campaign)...I'm paying up!

    Indeed, Les. This piece is right, I'm not pointing to the leadership in the GOP but rather grassroots that are waking up to the needed realignment in our foreign policy. Of course, Truth and JMJ don't commend me or you on our consistency.

  5. Donate $20 to your local Humane Society LCR and we'll call it even. Not that I'm even. I ended up giving my local Humane Society $40 to match what a couple others donated. It ticked me off cause that's where my boy got his dog, which he pawned off on me, and is a pain in the neck.

    I'll email you with this settlement in case you don't read this.


  6. You got it, Joe. My wife and I support our local Humane Society so that is a good choice!

    No what you mean about having a pet pawned off on you, my wife brought a cat into our home...hated the darn thing but now she's a part of the family ;)

  7. Pets have a way of doing that LCR. Cats are of particular favor for the elderly.

    Of which I can safely say I am soon to join THE RANKS OF! ;)


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