Friday, May 20, 2011

LCR at American Thinker, "Gary Johnson's Tea Party Résumé Going Up in Smoke?"

By The Left Coast Rebel

Today I wrote a fairly simple piece about former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

It parallels some of my thoughts here recently and went up at the blog section of American Thinker.

From the piece:
Based on the erratic endorsement and subsequent non-endorsement -- not to mention the shady character involved -- Gary Johnson has nothing to lose in losing Willie Nelson's endorsement. However, we must not allow Governor Johnson's run to be swallowed up by a media-led version of a Cheech and Chong sequel, in which all anyone cares about vis-à-vis Johnson is his stance on marijuana. Instead, we should be highlighting the former governor's untarnished fiscal-conservative bona fides.


A President Gary Johnson would bring to the White House the same focus, seriousness, and provable results that he did from New Mexico. Nevertheless, proven fiscal-conservative accomplishments may be cast aside by the 24-hour-news-cycle, "the-more-salacious-the-better" mainstream media.

We shouldn't let this happen...

Please read it and pass it along. Thanks!


  1. It's sad... no... pathetic, the way the mainstream GOP chuckles at Johnson. He's actually a very serious and intelligent guy.

    I guess the drug war is just too profitable a taxpayer-funded venture for Republicans to abandon. It's a shame... no... pathetic.


  2. JMJ - On this you are absolutely correct. Although I suspect you like the guy BECAUSE of his stance on marijuana rather than his fiscal bona-fides.

    Ron Paul continues to be my candidate. Although Johnson is a very close second.

    You never know how the tide might change.

  3. Intelligent supposedly, but not smart enough to avoid become a drug abuser.

    Penn Gillette said it well: "I've never been that smart and I've always wanted to much, much, much, much smarter and the people that I saw doing drugs and alcohol were getting stupider and I hated that."

    Why would anyone intentionally damage their brain and become stupider?

    No, I would not vote for the dope fiend in the primaries.

    Chuckle chuckle.....

  4. I don't agree with Johnson on much of the substance of his fiscal conservative positions. But then, I'm not a conservative. I just meant what I said - he's a very intelligent and serious guy.

    Meanwhile, guys like dmarks here are still living in a Reefer Madness world and so won't take Johnson seriously. Hence an example of the silliness of much the conservative vote.


  5. Thanks, JMJ, we agree on something, then.

  6. The only madness is in intentionally damaging your brain. Let Penn Gillette run instead. At least he's no dope.

    And no, I won't toss my vote away on the burnout. That would be truly silly.

  7. Hm, Thinking. I wonder how many national leaders, including presidents were burnouts on alcohol.

    Likely more than we know. There are at least a couple that immediately come to mind. Likely there is more.

    Has anybody actually shown Johnson to be a burnout with any clinical proof?

    Given his record I suspect his smoking marijuana had no effect on his ability to perform the stressful job functions of a governor.

    Were I A citizen of Mew Mexico who elected him governor not once but twice I would take comments such as dmarks as an affront.

    He*l, I'm not a citizen of New Mexico and I take the comments as an affront to reason.


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