Friday, May 13, 2011

Geert Wilders... An Accurate Assessment of Extreme Islam

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Birthplace of Independent Conservatism

Geert Wilders, the controversial Dutch politician was in Tennessee May 12, 20211 addressing the threat extreme Islam presents to western civilization in general and the United States in particular.

As of yet I have not been able to find any video takes on his appearance at the Cornerstone Church in Nashville, Tennessee. When and if any become available I will post them as soon as they are available.

While controversial, especially amongst some moderates and all progressives, Wilders understanding of the threat extreme Islam presents to the western world is accurate. His words ought be listened to, understood, and each freedom loving individual should in their own way combat this very real threat.

Check in with the Libertarian Republican. Eric Dondero has more on Gert Wilders.

Update: For Geert Wilders full speech at Cornerstone Church, Nashville TN on May 12th visit Right Truth.


  1. This event was a stunning display of speekers who presented shocking facts, details and answers to the real understanding on Islam. I honestly didn't realize how little I knew about the Qu'ran. When George Bush said Islam was a religion of peace, he should have said it's a political ideology of crime and hate. I think the Saudi royal family has had enough influence over our presidents. Time for push back! NO SHARIAH LAW!!



    We certainly shouldn't go about banning Islam, or in any other way mistreating Muslims. That would be wrong. Period.

    If you look at Islam, objectively - not as Christian nor Jew, not as conservative nor liberal - looking at the history, the religion, the people, you soon realize that it's a long, complex, dynamic story. If you are intellectually honest, you will admit that it's pretty tough to wrap your mind around.

    Wilders, it seems to me, is demagoguing, drawing a simplistic caricature of Islam and Arabs really not much different than the way some of his historic political predecessors depicted Jews.

    America has a statistically tiny Islamic population while Europe has many more, but still not that many.

    Most Muslims are perfectly decent people.

    Religion really only affects people so much.

    We Americans are more violent with each other than they are with us.

    Get over it. Grow up. There's no Shariah cabal coming to conquer anything. If anything at all, the regimes that sowed and cultivated all this terroristic nonsense are beginning to fall. We should be helping the Islamic world out of this long funk, not pointing our scary fingers at them.

    And of course, not nation-building with the questions coming later.


  3. JMJ - You are so grounded to the leftist ideological mindset you lack any clarity as to what radical Islam and Jihad are attempting to accomplish.

    Europe is years ahead of the US but the experience and reality will soon catch up to us.

    The place to begin is honest recognition of the truth and honest education of the same. Then close immigration to the US to anyone {Muslim}who fails an extensive in depth background check.

    Include in that bringing American boots home from Arab lands, cutting welfare to the islamic states, and aiming missiles at the Arab world in the event another 911 happens to America.

    Nuff said!


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