Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rep. Allan West Handles Hecklers With Class... Leftist Loony Arrested

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

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As Representative Allan West {R-FL} took the stage Tuesday night at his Ft. Lauderdale Town Hall meeting progressive hecklers begin to almost immediately badger Mr. West. Their disruptive, and direspectful conduct had no affect on West as he told them, You're not going to intimidate me.

West in his typical cool and level headed manner handled the leftist lunitics with class and dignity. However, police did arrest one women who in addition to keckling the Congressman also deemed it justified to harrass his wife as well.


The leftist low lifes are simply and utterly unbelievable. Yet their method of operation has become quite predictable

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  1. Allen West is a far-right fringe, radical loony. The sick $#!# that comes out of this guys mouth hole is just astonishing.

    How any sane, intelligent adult could take this loony seriously is beyond me. He's a joke and he makes you all look like jokes.


  2. Now it is my turn... I believe you are a Racist, Communist, Idiotic a**. Have you ever heard the phrase "looking up a dead goats a**? Well, trying to dialogue with you is very similar.

    Now...Do not return to Rational Nation and spew anymore of your racist tripe. If you do,as quickly as I find out your comment WILL BE DELETED post haste.

    I have refrained from doing this with anyone, until now. However, following your recent faggot comment and now this you leave me little choice.

    Consider this your second warning. You will not get a third should you return and leave more comments such as your last or this.

  3. Given JMJ's little "faggot" Freudian slip recently, I can only wonder what words he uses to describe the patriot Allen West, in private. I shudder to consider what comes out of his mouth, truly disturbing...

  4. JMJ has been getting clearly more out of control, irrational, and desperate lately. He didn't start out on solid footing in the first place, and now it's starting to get a bit creepy.

  5. Gentlemen, I wholeheartedly concur in reference to JMJ becoming more and more noticeably unhinged lately.

    "Creepy" is a well-placed word, Bastiatarian.

    LCR, I forget how Freudian philosophy goes. Is it that I want to have sex with my mother, or I want to have sex with someone else's mother? I can't seem to remember. Maybe it's that I want to have sex with Allen West. Wait...did I say that out loud? JMJ, save me, save me!

    Donald in Bethel, CT


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