Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Simple Truth

by: Les Carpenter
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Business Insider points out the obvious in our nations fiscal crisis. The fact we cannot grow our way out of the mess we find ourselves in and that we must cut spending should be obvious. However, in the new vernacular that describes spending as "investments" it is clear it is not so obvious to some in Washington.

2010 US Income and Expense Statement

The clock is running out. Read the article here.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. Well, it looks to me like we could fix the budget real quick by raising the social security income level to like a million dollars rather than the 106,800 that it is now...

  2. You have no argument from me on your point. I would have to see the actual numbers as to how much impact that would have. It would certainly lower the shortfall, I doubt it would resolve it entirely.

    We need to see the numbers.

    For the record, philosophically I am opposed to taking a portion of person's income by force for social security. That should be left to the individual.

    Having said this I gave up the argument and fight long ago actually because it ain't ever going to happen. And since I have been forced to pay into SS for 42 years, with 6 more to go, I do want my "investment" back.


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