Sunday, February 6, 2011

Glenn Beck Doubles Up

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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The liberal blogoshere will no doubt play the following audio of Beck in hopes of gaining all the politically motivated biased capital they feel they can muster from it. I, the independent conservative on the other hand, reproduce it here without conservative commentary, preferring to let Beck's words speak for themselves.

For those who want to read liberal commentary you may find plentiful examples on the net.


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  1. What he describes is what happened in Iran to topple the Shah. The mullahs joined with the academic left to foment a revolution, and then slit their throats when they no longer needed them.

    It is a shame that so many on the left in this country fail to see militant Islam as it is, if only because "right wing loonies" like Beck are talking about it.

    Where are the credible liberal voices speaking up about just how illiberal and intolerant this militant religion is?

    Do people not see how Muslims snuff the light of reason and liberty everywhere they go?

    America used to be spilling over with true liberals who really cared about such things.

  2. The trouble here, guys, is that no serious person believes this sleazy nonsense. It's sick and crazy and just plain insulting to the intelligence of any reasonable person.

    Beck is marginalizing himself more and more every day. He will be forgotten very soon.


  3. JMJ - As usual a thoughtless comment that will soon be forgotten.

    Your view should be considered as serious and reasonable as you believe Becks should.

    Just another example of the leftist brown shirt mentality that permeates today's liberalism.

    How's that for ya sweetie?

  4. Jersey McJones-
    you said:
    The trouble here, guys, is that no serious person believes this sleazy nonsense. It's sick and crazy and just plain insulting to the intelligence of any reasonable person.

    Case in point, your liberal mouthpiece, Keith Olbermann:
    “Selling his new book about this phony baloney war on Christmas, John revealed a very ugly side to himself. He is one of those people who think all religions but his are mistaken. You know, the way a lot of these religious nut bag terrorists think.”

    Hello kettle, this is pot, you're black. You surely cannot throw any stones in this glass house, Jersey McJones. So stop insulting our intelligences, if you would be so kind.

  5. I don't understand the point made by anonymous.

    Les, what "brown shirt mentality?" What are you talking about?

    You see, this is the sort of whackjob rhetoric that we, as adults, as citizens, as reasonable people, that we need to stop promelgating.

    I am not a "brown shirt." I do not want to take away your guns or restrict your rights. I have no plan in cahoots with militant Islam to take over the world.

    C'mon man! Get real!

    What separates us, politically, is only a matter of degree, not polar opposition.


  6. Start by considering your own rhetoric then, man. What separates us is just that last yet unyielding foot. And by the way you have yield not a blonde hairs width of your inside the box thinking.

    If you think I will given in on my principles you are mistaken.


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