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Chris "air brain" Mathews on Backmann

by: Les Carpenter
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Chris Mathews, another paragon of leftist progressive thought occasioned to hammer away at Rep. Michelle Blackman's statements with respect to slavery in early America. Lets take a look at what Mathew's issues are.

Chris Matthews was nearly apoplectic in his questioning of Tea Party Express co-founder Sal Russo on the topic of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and her controversial re-imagining of history where the founding fathers found a way to end slavery in their lifetime. Repeatedly calling Bachmann a “balloon head,” Matthews demanded to know why Russo and the Tea Party wanted Bachmann to give a response to the State of the Union address or, more generally, why they ever wanted her to open her mouth in the first place?

Given that Russo was eager to steer the topic away from what Bachmann does or does not know about slavery, the “interview” ended up being just Matthews berating Russo with questions like “do you know how little this woman knows about American history” and “what is she talking about?” Joan Walsh was also a guest for the segment, but there was a little time for her, since it was clearly much more entertaining watching Matthews scream at Russo “are you hypnotized – can you answer a question,” whenever Russo struggled to defend Bachmann.

Mathew's purpose was to do all he could to cast a shadow on not only on Bachmann but the Tea Party in general. Mathews is technically correct with his comments with respect to slavery. The founding fathers held slaves there is no question. It is also true that Washington and Jefferson, as well as others freed their slaves upon their death. It is also true that General Washington enlisted slaves into the American cause during the Revolutionary War. Their payment for serving... freedom. Other politicians and activists of the era did fight tirelessly to change the blight of slavery on our nation. So while Backmann may have over spoke a bit and stretched historical reality, it is also clear that "air brain" Mathews was only interested in focusing on a rather minor point. In doing so he was able to shut down debate on substantive matters he wished not heard because it favors the rational non progressive side of politics.

You heard Mr. Chris (air brain) Mathews. You, the educated and in touch readers of Rational Nation USA and the Left Coast Rebel be the final judge.

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  1. Mathews has made a Bachmann a target of criticism for some time now. Granted, she's an easy and obvious target. She comes off unhinged and stupid. A radical zealot with almost no intellectual accumen to back it up.

    I think Mathews, as do I, fears the rise of the Bachmann-wing of the American political class, as they dumb-down and coarsen political discourse, spread lies and paranoia, and enrage an already raging Tea Party movement.

    It's understandable. I give Mathews credit for taking her on.


  2. they did find a way, Les, and it is in the Constitution. the thing is that they left it up to future generations to impliment that way. what they did do in their generation was make the importation of slaves illegal which is all the federal government had the authority and power to do under the Constitution.

  3. JMJ - I find myself in basic disagreement with your comment here. Bachmann is likely aware of the facts as I noted as well as those the Griper pointed out.

    Lets not make the target the person based on ones emotionalism JMJ. Which is precisely what Mathews (and now you) are attempting to do.

    How I am doing with, you know, the application of arguing victim-hood for Bachmann. Something the left employs all the time and without shame.

  4. Griper - Great points. Most unemotional people realize this, make an attempt to understand the times, and realize the founders did what was necessary to: First create a workable foundation for the federal governemnt the general populace would accept and create a nation, Second set the stage for future generations to resolve the issue of slavery, which they ultimately did.

    Had the founders took a different approach with respect to slavery it is likely and probable there would not be a United States of America.

  5. Les, I also am certain Bachmann knew full well what she said, but I don't know if it's what Griper pointed out (in this case "Griper" should be "Reminder" - it's great point he makes). I don't recall her mentioning the constitutional law that allowed congress to ban slave importation in 1808, or the banning in the Northwest (which I did remember!). But even that proves the Founders most certainly didn't "work tirelessly" to end slavery. That simply isn't true. Some of them were vocifierously against it, some even in action (imagine that!), but all in all the fouding fathers did not not work tirelessly against slavery. Any school kid knows that (well, at least we used to).

    Bachmann used this point to whitewash history and diefy our national founders - all while strangely staring up to her right. Essentially, Bachmann is just a conservative-nationalist cheerleader. She may as well jump around in a cheerleadeer costume (conservatives just love "hot" leaders... yawn...) yelling "America, Rah, Rah, Rah!" at the top of her lungs while doing somersaults.

    Anyway, you guys just further proved how wrong Bachmann was in that the founders knew well and full that an outright banning of slavery would have immediately broken the South from the North all the way back in 1787. And the banning of the slave trade - and remember, they meant "trade" and in trading something, not slavery as an industry itself - meant the federal government could keep new federal territories from accepting slavery, and that the sale of slaves from state to state or internationally could be regulated, even banned. It also allowed for the federal government to return escaped slaves from non-slave states to slave states and more.

    So, no matter how you look at it Bachmann was wrong... just cheerleading like a vacuous psychotic as usual... yawn...


  6. JMJ - I guess we can all yawn... Ho-hum

  7. Yeah. Yawn. Why we pay attention to rank amateurs like Bachmann I'll never know.


  8. jersy,
    i would suggest you go back and learn your history better.

    and since you admit you don't know what she meant i'd say stop speculating.

    you have proven nothing.

    you're only declaring a self-demeaning, politially biased and prejudicial opinion without any basis in fact.

  9. Am I the only one that sees what CNN did. They made the narrative about the kooky and misinformed Michelle Bachman rather than the original Tea Party message of taxes are too damn high.

    Rachel Maddow has taken CNN to task for this while I say they should be congratulated.

  10. Rachel Maddow? Is he that 16 year old kid who is on MSNBC? I wonder if they are grooming him to tbe their 'go-to-guy' now that Keith has flown the nest.

    I'm sorry? What's that? Oh. Really?

    Rachel Maddow is a woman? I thought she was a boy with a tenor's voice. Oops.

  11. yup, just like you, truth, congratulating CNN for misleading the people. btw, Truth, what does CNN have to do with RN's post?

  12. Not holding my breath for an answer to The Griper's question.

    The left remains unable to answer simple yet straight froward questions.

    Nor will the left in large share join in a bipartisan effort to resolve the myriad problems of our times.

    See most recent post.


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