Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Obama Feeling the Heat

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

“They talk about me like a dog,” Obama said with a chuckle of his political opponents. “That’s not in my prepared remarks but it’s true." Barrack Hussein Obama, 9/6/10

And so it has come to this. The President of these United States responds to criticism from his political "adversaries" over his progressive vision and policies. In the manner one might expect a high school punk might respond to questions and criticism of their actions.

As a liberal I knew many years ago was fond of saying, "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen." Now there is a piece of advice the President may want to take.

As President, Barrack Hussein Obama ought to refrain from making remarks such as this. It not only serves no useful purpose it lowers his esteem in the eyes of many. I suspect even some of his most staunch supporters are cringing at his remark.

The President is facing the possible loss of both his Congressional and Senatorial majority in November. I am sure he is panicking and may even be have nightmares of his own defeat in 2012. One would think that at such a time he would be especially cognizant of the benefits of qcting truly Presidential.

I offer this advice to the President in the name of fair play. However, given his philosophy (does he have one?) of governance I freely admit to hoping he ignores it.

Here are various links to stories covering his remarks:

PoliticoMediaite, The Hill, CNN. All rather strongly biased towards the progressive. Most people will recognize the desperation for what it is nonetheless.

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  1. Wait. Did he say "dog" or "god"? I've seen much more of the "god" treatment than dog treatment.

    Oh no, I just used the word "dog" in a free-speech sentence that is indirectly referring to a black man, based on that black man's words! I'm sure the ACLU, NAACP, NoI, and Newest Black Panther Par-tay will soon be coming to House Borsch.

    Lyndon Johnson's prophecy continues to come true...

    Les, thanks for this one. This person who currently occupies The White House is soon to be facing a lame-duck Congress.

    Can you smell that? Yes. It smells like vindication.

  2. Sorry! Above comment made by Donald Borsch Jr, of Bethel, CT! Sorry, I failed to clarify.


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