Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And What About Change?

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

A new ABC poll is out clearly showing the electorate rebelling against the "Status Qua." I get and support that 101%. Every poll published at the current time reflects that the Republicans (as in RINO's?)stand to gain, the result of voter discontent.

My question, a simple one really is this, will we actually change Washington and the corporate power structure by voting Republican or will we once again just slow down the creeping and ever growing Leviathan?

Sam Foster, a fellow contributor at Left Coast Rebel has the polling data.

My concern is as follows. If we merely replace the current Obamanation with more of the same under a different "affiliation" will we really have accomplished anything? Or will we have simply slowed the flow of poison that is killing this nation?

Memories are short. A quick fix is always in vogue as it gives the nation a quick, yet short lived, euphoric high. Yet when the guiding philosophy remains essentially unchanged one should ask the obvious. Has anything really changed?

A close scrutiny of the past 30 years (for those are 45 to 50) leads to only one conclusion. Not much has really changed. The progressives have failed miserably, and the so called conservatives have not done much better.

There exists an opportunity in 2010. Perhaps an opportunity like few before it. It is an opportunity for the people to seize and really make a difference. The real question as this old man sees it is this... Do we have the will and tenacity that will be required to really effect change?

Given my 58 years I wonder.

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  1. I'm afraid that too many have mooched for too long to allow much real change in the conservative direction.

  2. I share your skepticism, but I also find it encouraging that libertarian ideas are mentioned in the light of day and actually entertained by decent folk.

    Like I tell my liberal interlocutors: If you don't like "our" guys hijacking the coercive powers of government for their own narrow political and financial interests, it ain't right when "your" guys do it either.

    The only solution is to take a blowtorch to the levers of power and put the federal government back in its constitutional box. We at least have a chance of doing some trimming...

  3. After the tea party is done with the democrats, I think (hope) that we'll turn our attention to the 'big government Republicans' (aka 'social conservatives' 'compassionate conservatives' 'neoconservatives') and boot them the hell out of office. Its already happening now in the primaries and I see no reason why it'll stop. Are we all of a sudden going to warm to John McCain after Republicans regain power? I don't think so. There might be some bad Republican legislation passed in the meantime, but i doubt tea partiers are going to forget their freedom or constitution.

  4. Shane - Here's to hoping you are correct in your analysis.


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