Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rory 2010 for the Nevada Governor Seat - Where's the Last Name?

by the Left Coast Rebel

First, watch the video:

Ah, yes. Kids, state-run education (that has such an incredible track record in the last 50 years)...kumbaya & warm fuzzies. Rory for Nevada sounds great - doesn't he?

Look, he even has grey hair and looks rather mature...wait....

I think I recognize that face (and mostly those ears)....

Oh no....

harry rory

As they say, the statist-collectivist, sell your grandchildren to slavery apple doesn't fall from the tree.

So sorry, 'Rory,' you aren't going to be able to take the 'Reid' out of your name.

And 'it's for the chillrens' ain't gonna cut it.


  1. lol Can't believe they thought no one would figure it out.

  2. Rugged Nevada... slowly turning statist progressive collectivist wussy.


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