Thursday, April 15, 2010

2012 Hypothetical Match Up ... Barrack Obama 42%, Ron Paul 41%

 By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Rasmussen just released  the results of a hypothetical match up between the current POTUS and  Ron Paul. The results should encourage and energize conservatives, libertarians, and independents, as well as all liberty minded individuals throughout our Great Nation! The hypothetical (and scientific) poll has it a virtual dead heat. Given Obama's sliding poll numbers who knows what could be if Paul decides to make another run.

Congressman Paul, in addition to being a medical doctor and U. S. Congressman, is knowledgeable in Austrian economics, is a true free market capitalist (as in laissez faire), and understands that while our nation must retain a strong national defense it must, out of economic necessity discontinue our foreign intervention in the affairs of other sovereign nations across the globe. For a powerful and rational argument one should read his book, "The Revolution. A Manifesto."

On the one hand we have a starry eyed community organizer with no real experience and a strong desire to force his radical agenda down America's throat, and in the process destroy our economy. On the other we have an individual that recognizes that freedom and the liberty to chose is what made our nation great. He believes in the greatness of the American people... not the greatness of a government bureaucracy.

The Left Coast Rebel has further indepth commentary.  For all the details visit the full scientific Rasmussen Poll.

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  1. I love it! Ron Paul is what we need right now. Will some republican candidate come out and try to imitate him?

  2. There's the rub. Some republican cadidate will probably try to imitate him all the while for their own politicl gain... having litle to no intention of actually ever doing anything should they get elected.

    Watching the republican party slowly imploding is almost comical were it not so sad.

  3. Very heartening to read this. We can hope. Alone among politicians, (at least in my observance) Paul delivers the same message no matter what type of gathering he is speaking at. That alone speaks volumes.

    However, I would strongly disagree with one aspect of your post, that Obama is in any way radical. He seems to follow the dictum of "speak one way, do another" so he will say things which appeal to his liberal supporters while his directed policy is completely centrist or even center right.

    Bernanke,Geithner and Hank Paulson-Republicans all-could not have scripted more finance/insurance friendly policy than Obama.

    Back on topic, it may be a matter of matchups. Like Ali vs Foreman vs Norton.Matchups.

    I'd read polls showing Obama easily defeating any of the other Republican contenders;Paul was specifically excluded. He is the only Republican who can also appeal to liberals such as myself, and seems to also have appeal across the conservative spectrum.

  4. Oso - We are in agreement.With the exception of Obama.

    I won't get off topic and will save my thought on this for anlther day.

    Other than to say... Obama to fully succeed in pushing and implementing his radical philosophy REQUIRES that he have the financal shakers and movers in his corner. It is only a matter of time my friend and we will all see how radical his agenda really is.

    What is sad is that a man like Ron Paul will likely never have the oppurtunity to unite liberals like yourself and conservatives like myself in a united front to attack the prblem that will, in the end bring down this great nation.

    If you haven't read Ron Paul's book yet do yourself the pleasure of doing so.

    Thanks for stopping in again Oso, you're alwas welcome here.

  5. I'm a big Ron Paul fan. If he runs I would feel honored to vote for him.

  6. TRESTIN - Lets hope Congressmen Paul, or someone with his honesty, integrity,understanding of the Constitution, and true conservative values runs for the office of the president.

    2012 may very well be our last best hope for the America our founding fathers passed on to us.


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