Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What is Capitalism? Part 2

Yesterday I posted the first in a five part series on Capitalism. This Ayn Rand audio series, while obviously not a comprehensive covering of capitalism, does explains the philosophical, ethical, and moral justification for capitalism.

Rand rationally, and very effectively, shows why capitalism is far superior to collectivism in all its sordid forms. She talks about the purpose of government, mans rights, voluntary choice, reason, property rights and more; illustrating how these principals relates to capitalism, making it a just and moral economic force.

I hope you enjoy part two of "What is Capitalism?"


  1. what is being said here is that you cannot separate the means from the end nor the end from the means.

    and the basis of the validity of the use of force is that the end justifies the means. and it is on this validation that liberals justify their socialistic stance. the means doesn't matter as long as the end is achieved.

  2. Griper - The use of force is justifiable only in response to an act of aggression, period. There is no justification for force in Objectivist philosophy "that the ends justifies the means."

    Rand, was perhaps the most honest intellectual of her day, and was as anti socialist as a person could be.

    Your are correct that the "ends justifies the means" is precisely the philosophy employed by socialists, and all collectivist in their attempt to negate individualism.

    It is a philosophical battle the nation, and the world has been waging for some time. The outcome is not certain, but the trend isn't looking good.


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