Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Posts

I was recently invited by the Administrator of Conservative Firestorm to be a guest contributor. Conservative Firestorm is a collaborative effort of conservative thinkers who offer a wide range of commentary, and they are all good.

After due consideration I accepted the offer, and I am excited with being able to get my independent conservative message out on a site with other conservative thinkers. I encourage all of my readership to drop in at Conservative Firestorm and see for yourselves all it offers.

As a result of this commitment to Conservative Firestorm I will not be posting to Rational Nation on Saturdays. I will continue to post as always on the remaining days of the week.

I thank all of my readership and encourage you to check out the great posts going up over at Conservative Firestorm by many fine authors.

Thank you and I'll be back tomorrow.

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