Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lets Celebrate! And Then Lets Get Real

Hooray for the Senate Goon Squad! Three cheers for the architects of perhaps the smelliest pile of crapola ever to come out of the Chambers of the United States Senate.

As Americans we should allegedly be very proud of the back room dealings and special deals cut to salvage this pile of dung.

Next it is on to a Senate and House joint committee to reconcile the differences in the two bills so the President will have a huge smelly pile of pig dung to sign sometime likely in February, if not sooner. Whooahhhhhhhh, it's party down time for the proponents of Socialized Universal Health Care. It is now inevitable, Americans will have a revamped system that will not work efficiently and likely will cause further deficits and increase the national debt.

No single payer completely run Government program yet. Just wait, as it will come rolling down the pike dressed in a pretty pink outfit in but a few short years. You see, that is how the lefties of the social engineering brigade always work their agenda. Spoon feed a dull and half asleep public the pink kool aid until the whole damn enchilada has been swallowed by an unsuspecting public.

But perhaps, just perhaps this time will be different. The public's disdain for this smelly pile of useless pig dung is well known and documented. There are those who rightly recognize there are constitutional issues which may ultimately prevent a bill being enacted into law in its present form. And with the upcoming mid term elections a whole bunch of useless and spineless legislators just may be without a job come 2011. We can only hope.

Now for some straight talk less the overblown rhetoric. It is time the nation takes a serious look at how to improve our current system, still the best in the world, and make it more affordable, and extend coverage to those CITIZENS who still lack basic health care insurance. A system that retains market based competition, allows for completion across state lines, eliminates the pre existing condition clauses of most current insurances, and recognizes that tort reform is crucial. A system that retains choice with varied plans and at the same time allows the government to provide a very basic plan at the taxpayers expense. Recognizing that as quickly as the individual or family can afford to pay a portion of their insurance they are required to do so.

Rather than attempting to create a new wheel we should look at systems already working in other countries and identify if there would be any applicability to the US, and if any aspects would improve our already working network.  One such system that has elements cited above and is working is the Swiss System. It would be far superior to the crap just passed by our so called legislative leaders.

Now, if I hear any crap about me being a socialist of commie or whatever because I put out an idea that just might work and find common ground amongst rational caring conservatives I think I will scream! Oh, and just for informational purposes Thomas Paine, a darling of the conservatives and one of our founders would be smiling upon my pronouncements.  Don't believe it, check it out by reading his works combined with a little study.


  1. RN,
    "...eliminates the pre existing condition clauses of most current insurances,..."

    this is an argument founded upon emotion not on reason.

    to eliminate this is to undermine the whole foundation of the existance of any insurance company. there wouldn't be anything called an insurance company if this was a premise of their business.

  2. Thanks for commenting. And Merry Christmas.
    As far as the reformation of the best Health Care in the world; there has to be a way, like in the `50's and `60's here in Texas. Included in your property tax is a County Hospital tax. Yes we had free clinics all over our counties.
    When the Big Gov. implemented Medicare and Medicaid, the free clinics started disappearing.
    Now only one or two in a county.
    Big Gov. student loans could be paid off through services rendered at more free clinics. Since we are already paying taxes just for this.

  3. Implementing a Swiss system probably works fine for Switzerland. But around here, I fear the legislators are less concerned with creating a workable system and more concerned with lining the right pockets to keep themselves in office. The federal government should be entrusted with no new powers until some form of term limits is in place.

  4. Griper - You would eliminate it only once. Once health insurance was portable it is a mute point.

    They Say/We Say - I see your point and cannot argue with it. However it is 2009 and big business interests, along with a corrupt and complicit big government, has screwed up a system that at one time worked. our task in 2010 and going forward it to correct the mistakes and insure a system that is without corruption, provides basic insurance to all souls, and insure is market based competitive field for all but the most disadvantaged. Those who suffer and do not have the ability to purchase insurance are nonetheless deserving of our humanity and compassion.

    innominatus - I agree with your premises 100%. I have long held that we need to vote out the entire Congress and Senate replacing them with new blood that understands they report to, and work for, We The People.

    We need not fear the concept of a "Swiss Style Plan" as it works and is ultimately right. What we need to fear is the corrupting influence of special interests and a corrupt self serving government. We The People have it in our power to change both if we have the will. Our founding fathers did 233 years ago. Do we?

  5. nope, it is not mute and you'd create that situation whenever you'd switch insurance companies. the only way to make it once is to nationalize the insurance companies into a single payer insurance company and that goes against the principles of capitalism.

  6. Complicit capitalists have worked very hard with the statist government to insure we have an economy that is known as a "mixed economy."This means essentially a mixture of free market principals and regulatory involvement by the government, something perhaps better known as Fascism.

    This is to say that American Capitalists for the past 100 plus years have been only to willing to use money to influence government and then accept the governments intrusion into their affairs and markets.

    Nowhere in the world does a true capitalist economy exist. Sad but true. My position is simply to pursue a strategy that minimizes and controls the damage done by those who call themselves capitalists, free market proponents, liberty lovers etc. and then proceed to act in a manner that is precisely the opposite of the values and ethics they pretend to believe in.

    Precisely why I post This is John Galt Speaking series. Perhaps when we get back to principled debate and stewardship of this nation, if we ever do, capitalism can gain a strong foothold advantage. Until then we will just continue to plod on and end up with crapola bills like the one just out of the senatorial halls of genius.

    And oh yes, not to mention the bill allowing the government o keep operating until February at which time it will ensure it is able to continue taking the hogs (us) to slaughter so it can pass more porkulus sending bills.

    And such is the present condition of our Nation, as brought to us by by both sides of the mentally challenged political aisle.

    Going Galt!

  7. You make it difficult to attack the righties with your rational views and realistic approach RN.

    I raised my hand in the desolation of my backyard and made the sign of the dollar in your honor. Merry Christmas to you and all your readers Rational Nation.

  8. Complicit capitalists have worked very hard with the statist government to insure we have an economy that is known as a "mixed economy."

    calling the economy as a mixed economy is just "political doublespeak." what it really is is a transitional period from going from one form of economics to another, from pure free enterprise to pure socialism.

    as for the Swiss system you support, i'd be more sceptical about supporting that also, if i was you. it hasn't been in place long enough to make a good judgment of it benefits and consequences.

  9. The Roosevelt Cousins got us here.
    If it were not for Jesse H. Jones we would be total communist.
    We do not have a Jones or Reagan to day.
    It is up to us; and the first thing is to clean house.
    But, that is not an undertaking that most recipients of the Dems hand out group is willing or believe, to do.
    P.S. A total capitalist system would be riddled with crime. There has to be some sort of regulations and laws of control.

  10. Truth - Thank you, I am humbled by your remarks. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    Griper - There has never been a true fee market capitalistic economic system ever. We have in fact (not doublespeak) been a mixed economy for well over 100 years. I recommend the reading of the book "Capitalism, The Unknown Ideal" by Ayn Rand. It will explain my points by far more effectively than I am able to do.

    They Say/We Say - I agree wit your observation with respect to the Roosevelt Cousins. It is a factual truth.

    We do need to clean house, totally and completely. Problem is everybody seems to agree until it comes down to their representative and senators. It seems most people blame every bodies but their own.

    I actually agree with your observation that a true and complete capitalist system poses problems. That is because people being people seem to be incapable of running their business on totally rational and ethical behavior. But then again the mixed economic system we have is by far from being ethical. So the goal, certainly mine, is to achieve a capitalist free market with the MINIMUM amount of regulatory controls as possible.

  11. he just shakes his head and whispers "never mind"


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