Monday, December 7, 2009

A Further Analysis

Rational Nation USA has posted much with respect to the perceived reality President Obama is a socialist/statist and as such poses a real threat to our liberties, individualism, and independence. Recent developments, combined with further analysis, has lead to a modified although not entirely different view.

While it is true that Obama has placed as a cornerstone of his Presidency the enactment of a national health care system that is another step in expanding entitlements, and growing the socialist agenda in government, this is not the greatest danger to our independence, liberty, and individualism.

The greatest danger we face is the danger of the one world order. With the events in Afghanistan, expanding our military activities without the goal of winning the war, it appears the Obama administration is playing into the hands of the Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower spoke about in 1961.

Obama, while remaining a socialist, is really about creating the one world order ultimately leading to one world government with an international ruling body, perhaps the UN. He like other U.S. presidents are concerned with maintaining the status quo with respect to the huge national and international financial and banking concerns.

Look at the Euro, nothing more than the realization of the effort to create a single European currency. Now, with the U.S. dollar losing value against the Euro, the Yen, and other world currencies, the American dollar, once the strongest and most sought after in the world may run the risk of disappearing, replaced by a world currency controlled by international financial conglomerates.

Rational Nation USA has over the past several months posted interrelated and interconnecting theories. From the post on the Illuminati, to the Beck Monkton interview, to the Death of the Dollar, to The Fraud of the Federal Reserve, to the Obama, Afghanistan and the Military Industrial Complex, as well as others, all point to a progression that has been happening for years. Obama, just like prior presidents and administrations is playing into, and is beholden to, the moneyed interests of this nations giant financial entities and their interests, as well those of the international financial entities and their interests.

What this nation and its people need fear the most is not Obama's socialism, but rather his interests in a one world order and globalizing our nations interests based on the financial interests of the nations huge financial and banking institutions. This is why the government bailed them out using the argument they were "to big to allow them to fail."

Yes Obama is a socialist, a democratic socialist that will continue to play into the hands of those desiring a one world currency, one world order, and one world government financed and ran by the huge faceless global financial and banking interests of the world.

Sound like a groundless conspiracy theory? Lets hope that it is. Although, it may unwise to bet the farm on it.


    When someone is to invest in a new enterprise, or brokers start up an Initial Public Offering, a thorough due diligence is done. That means a good, deep investigation of who the enterprise is to serve, how they produce the service, financials, where, and what impact it has on the environment and the legal system, as well as rational estimates of profitability. In most cases, if the start-up is something new, the market for the service is as speculative as a new TV series entertainment executives think will do well. Each of the segments of the due diligence is important to the investor, and the speculative may be of interest to the gambler. But, when probable government actions are input, such as new EPA regulations, energy use, cost, allocation and emissions of carbon dioxide, the risk becomes too great for the investor. If the government acts in such ways to increase the risks to an investor in any new business, the economy is confronted with a major crippling virus. Keep in mind, new and small business accounts for close to three out of four jobs in our economy. New, small, innovative, privately owned small business is the reason America has been so prosperous, and lack of them is the reason other nations in the world are not prosperous. It sounds like our government is rushing to shut America down in order to keep the world’s playing field level.

  2. By your last comment I assume you mean to shut America down in the sense of lowering our standard of living and wealth to that of the rest of the 2'nd or 3'rd world countries so we can all be one happy world family.

    Also known as lowering our standards to the lowest common denominator. Something that socialism, and communism does very well.

    If this is what you mean I could not agree with you more.


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