Sunday, December 13, 2009

Copenhagen and the Loonies

The lets "roll civilization back to the days of a more primitive and less advanced world economically" crowd in Copenhagen. Well coordinated, and color coded signage abounds. Was just wondering if Holy Enviro High Priest Al Gorleoni is getting kick backs from sign companies.

This whole movement is based on questionable science. The primary purpose is to attack capitalism at it core and set in motion gimmicks and false justifications to get wealthy industrialized countries to foot the bill for bringing up the standard of living of third world countries around the world.

Sounds like a noble and righteous cause.  That is if you believe you are responsible for the soul of everyone less fortunate that you. The concept of being your brothers keeper at the expense of your own welfare and happiness.

The results of the movement can can only be the leveling of the economic playing field. In other words industrialized and advanced societies lose and underdeveloped societies gain. Put another way; the world will sink to to lowest common denominator when all is said and done if a Climate Change Treaty is accepted by our Nation and others.

It is part and parcel of the Troika that is World Wide Socialism, One World Government, and One World Currency. For those that are into that mentality you'll love it. For lose who value liberty, individualism, and self determination you will be best served by fighting this movement, which has taken on the face of an almost religious like dogma, to it's death.

Via: Memeorandum
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  1. Perfectly put, note how the Dopenhagen crowds donned signs that were all identical. THAT is astroturf. I'll link this at LCR later....

  2. Yes, how true. Thanks for the link Tim.


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