Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bizarre Response to Climategate Question

The so called climate change experts, uncomfortable responding to pointed questions, simply find ways to evade or cut off further questioning. They even will go so far as to get armed reinforcements to squash questions they wish not to answer.

Hmm, makes one wonder just what they have to hide or fear doesn't it?


  1. The enviro whacko scientists evade answering questions because they know their data and the global warming theory are all based on lies.

  2. Indeed, much of their agenda is founded on fabrications aimed at changing the order of things in our world.

    In the end I believe Copenhagen will be just another useless waste of time and energy. So perhaps we will all be able to breathe a bit easier soon.

  3. That's Phelim McAleer. He and Ann McElhenney mad the move "Not evil just wrong." They are great documentarians exposing the lies of these international flim flammers.



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