Saturday, November 28, 2009

Meet Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson our third President, influenced greatly by Thomas Paine, was a stanch defender of individual liberty and favored a limited role for the federal government. As such Jefferson was an anti federalist and strong proponent of states rights. Unfortunately for our Republic, and the cause of liberty, the federalists prevailed in American politics. While it may be to late for our nation to regain the anti federalist positions, it is well if we revisit and indeed never forget the principals on which anti federalism was based.

To that end RN USA is putting up a series of videos that characterize Thomas Jefferson the person, his insights and wisdom. Much can be learned in todays modern times by understanding the principals by which Jefferson lived and governed. The Declaration of Independence and Jefferson's Presidency stand as testament to his great intellect, wisdom, and patriotism. It is likely Jefferson were he here today would approve of the tea party, or tea bagger movement.

The Meet Thomas Jefferson series will be presented over the course of the next several days at RN USA.

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