Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Time for a Time Out

Having ran out of steam, maybe patience is a better way to put it, over the never ending babble over right -vs- left, progressive -vs- conservative, socialist/statist -vs- libertarian /free market etc. etc., today is a time out day.

Even the fiercest individualist, limited government, free market guy like myself has his limits as to how much drumbeat the mind can stand. Those who value freedom from oppressive government, ever so occasionally, need to step back from it.

Perhaps the battle being waged at the core of our national persona is one that will, end the end, determine the values our nation will stand for over the next several hundred years. Maybe this is the problem. The realization that our values are changing, and that much is not in the best interests of future generations, who will inherit our mistakes.

So, rather than knocking myself out today trying to "get the message out", a reflective and meandering stroll through the fields of thought and rememberance of a better day is in order. It will, after all, be a therapeutic undertaking.

The difference between a socialist/statist when they talk about free choice and a true conservative free market guy when they do is this;

The socialist/statist means you are free to chose as long as your choice agrees with the potion they have selected for you. The conservative free market guy means you are free to chose irrespective of the differences, and he will defend to the death your right to chose freely. With the socialist/statist you might go to jail for being unpatriotic.

Just the other day yours truly was thinking how great it was to have grandparents and parents who thought it was important to actually spend time talking about, and teaching ethical behavior by their example.

Gosh, we were even taught that with choice comes responsibilty. Which back in the day actually meant when you made a choice you accepted the results of that choice and stood by them, good or bad. Wow, how quaint and old fashioned an idea that one is.

When you ya found yourself in hot water at school with the teacher and principal, because you acted irresponsibly, you just knew you would face much worse when you got home from Dad. Funny how that always seemed to keep most kids on the straight and narrow.

Guess yours truly feels lucky to have had the opportunity have been educated by some teachers who actually though it was important to encourage learning. You know, the kind that actually encouraged you to express your disagreement with prevailing thought and to develop a rational argument supporting your position.

Remember those days, now long gone, when people actually stood up and held their hand over their hearts when the National Anthem was being played. Gosh, it was not uncommon to every once in awhile catch a tear falling out of the corner of someones eye. Americans were proud of their country and not ashamed to let it show.

The good old days, when people would get together, family and friends to celebrate Independence Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, Christmas Day and actually talk about the meaning, significance, and importance of those traditions. Is it possible we have lost something as a nation?

Not being a religious man, yours truly can't help but wonder why it is so threatening to allow references to Christianity in schools, court rooms, auditoriums, malls, universities, etc. Perhaps its because the socialist/statist know that Christian faith teaches God gave free will, something detrimental to the socialist ideology. Wasn't it a socialist that once said religion is the opiate of the people? I suppose it only natural the socialist/statist would want to become the opiate of the people.

Was thinking just the other day how many times in my early formidable years the answer no was heard. Usually it was when an object of my desire was out of reach financially. It was accepted, along with a rational explanation a young person could understand. And so it was with the majority of the nation, ... then. Suddenly along came Santa Claus, alias Big Government Entitlements to help teach use we have a bunch of rights that don't even require any persona responsibility to accept and use. Of course B.G.E heaped a huge portion on their own plate.

And so, as the meandering continues, anyones guess is as good as the next person where it will end. Besides, we have plenty of distractions to occupy our minds like sports, food, Dancing with Stars, American Idol, MSNBC, global warming, who's coming to dinner next Saturday, what am going to wear to the company X'Mas party, who's getting engaged, who's getting married, what's happening in Hollywood, whose cheating on whom, when is the next golf outing, ... and list list goes on.

Its been fun, the stroll through the meadows of thought and nostalgia, and yours truly didn't even get his sneakers dirty or wet. But what's really important is the remembrance of why an individualist, and conservative free market guy does what he does.

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