Friday, October 30, 2009

Liberty and It's Philosophical Meaning

The people of  the United States of America are possibly  facing the greatest threat to their liberties since The rise of Adolph Hitler and WW II.. The threat Hitler posed for our nation, indeed the entire world, was external and easily identified. The current threat is subtle and resides within our own borders.

The election of the man of Hope and Change to the presidency of this great nation, and the radical socialist/statist ideology he believes in, is the threat we must understand and fear. For this threat to our liberties is both subtle and insidious. The loss of our liberties will come at the hands of a growing socialist government bent on exerting more power and control over our lives.

If one has been paying attention over these past 10 months it is clear that the growth of government, and its increased intrusion into the private sector is, evident. The only way to combat this growing cancer is to understand the Philosophy of Liberty in all its many forms.

By focusing time on the Philosophy of Liberty one is helped in their quest to identify and understand those actions that pose a threat to ones liberty. And so it is with these thoughts in mind I post here for my readership The Philosophy of Liberty.

Hope you enjoyed this illustration and maybe even found it useful. If so RN USA would appreciate your comments (pro or con) as to whether you believe such posts are worthwhile.

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