Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Few Scattered Thoughts

I wish to begin todays post by first expressing my sincere condolences to the entire Kennedy family on their loss.  No matter what one may have thought of his politics he stayed true to his philosophy and vision as to the direction he believed our country should travel. He was an effective negotiator and was able to successfully work with his comtemporarys across the aisle. For these things he is deserving of our respect.
Good bye Senator Kennedy, rest in peace.  You truly were the Liberal Lion of the United States Senate.

There are a few thoughts racing through my mind today. The kind of thoughts that are on everyone's mind these days, and as the days drag on the questions continue to accumulate much faster than answers.

First on my mind is our staggering federal debt.  With the current administrtion in power it is almost a certainty that our federal debt will grow at an exponentially faster rate than revenues. Common sense would tell one that when in debt you don't continue to spend faster than you are bring the money in. You certainly don't borrow huge amounts of capital to continue funding your spending spree. Well folks, that is exactly what our government has done for some time.  And this administration shows no signs of  fiscal restraint or responsibility whatsoever.. Team Obama will have managed, according to budget predications, doubled the federal deficit in one short year. And it gets worse. Projections are over the course of the next 10 years we will add another 10 trillion or so to the federal debt which already stands at 11.8 trillion dollars. Someone better figure out soon we must stop spending to get our house in order. Or the other alternative socialists love to pursue, increase taxes until they are through the roof.

Second on my mind is where is any discussion of meaningful tort reform to help control the rising cost of health care.  In the entire 1018 page Obamination Health Care Plan it is not addressed. Doctors pay exorbitant cost for malpractice insurance because they must protect themselves in the event of a lawsuit in which a jury awards millions for pain and suffering and punitive damages. These costs ultimately get passed on to the health care consumer which gets passed on to the health care insurance industry  which results in higher insurance costs for the health consumer. Meaningful tort reform won't in and of itself fix our problem but it is astounding that no one is talking about it.

Third on my mind is this President's hay day in appointing Czars. Czars to do what? Simply to create a larger bureaucracy that is intended to concentrate more power in the Executive branch of Government. This is scary stuff. Our founding fathers took great pains to insure we had a Republic with limited power in the Executive Branch. Those Patriots, and fathers of our country, gave a workable Democratic Republic with checks and balances for a very good reason. We should all be angered by this administrations attempt to circumvent our Constitution and concentrate power in the hands of a singe executive.

Our  Nation is being transformed into a socialist statist nation before our very eye's. It is happening rapidly and if  the transformation is not stopped soon it may be too late. If we hope to keep our Republic we all need to continue to raise our voices and scream if necessary until  Mr. President and minions hear us!

Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

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