Monday, July 27, 2009

Here's the Thing

It has been said that Presidents age quickly once they take office because of the extreme pressures and stress of their position. That is true I am sure. But what of the unmentioned reality that we all tend to age under the leadership of Presidents as well.

Of course we don't age prematurely because of the pressures and stress of the job, we don't hold it. But what about the worry millions feel when the job performance of the President results in troubling consequences? And doesn't extreme worry result in premature aging as well? Oh I don't blame the President and only the President, after all we have a congress that must pass legislation for it to become law. But the President is the leader and sets the agenda.

I am only guessing at this, because there is no data to support it of course, but I bet the nations populace aged faster under President Bush, and will age even faster under President Obama, than it did under President Reagan and President Clinton. Why, because irrespective of any political beliefs individuals may have held everyone knew the country was moving in the right direction.

The country has been heading in the wrong direction for the past six years. It is continuing to head in the same wrong direction under President Obama. Huge unsustainable spending and deficits, stimulus packages and bailouts that will do little if anything long term to strengthen the nation, universal health care that will add to our fiscal problems and result in less competent and effective health care, increasing dependency on a government that is out of control, a continuing decline in our standard of living , and as if that is not enough, a declining status in the world with increasing security risks. Certainly this is enough to make me age quickly because of worry for my children and grandchildren.

There is no individual in sight today that can reverse our slide into socialism/Marxism. This is perhaps because the political establishment, and the government media complex are so far out on the fringes they have lost all touch with rational thought and analysis. And after all, where do candidates come from, and whose support do they need to get elected?

However, there is one way this nation can be set back on track to a bright and promising future. Vote the current crop of professional politicians out of office when they are up for reelection. Send the message to the new congress the people want established term limits for senators, representatives, and judicial appointments. A good starting point would be; twelve years for senators, six years for congressmen, thirteen years for federal judicial appointments, and six years for president, either two three year terms of one six year term.

If we choose to do nothing and allow the current crop of power brokers in government to run our countries affairs we will continue to get what we paid for. A group of incompetent ideologues that will eventually bankrupt this nation. Bankrupt us financially as well as ethically and morally.

This nation is in dire need of a President that has the characteristics of several leaders from prior era's. We need someone with the following;

1) The vision of our founding fathers
2) The intelligence and philosophy of Ayn Rand
3) The heart of President Andrew Jackson
4) The wisdom and compassion of President Abraham Lincoln
5) The statesmanship of Prime Minister Winston Churchill
6) The honesty of President Harry Truman
7) The charisma of President Ronald Reagan,

and finally the belief that the United States of America is still a great land that stands for the freedom and rights of all individuals over the collective. That we have always been, and can continue to be a beacon for liberty and the expression of differing viewpoints without the fear of government or media retribution. Above all else that America must hold her head high and make no apologies for being who we as a nation. A land that is still the freest and fairest nation on this earth bar none. It is wake up time America. We can as a people solve our mutual problems.

Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work. If we leave the task to our current "elected" leaders we will get more of the same, and we will have only ourselves to blame.

Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

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